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The texts on your landing page are a perfect example of how much the content influences the customer. They are the main incentive for web visitors to take action. Therefore, learn how to create texts to be most effective!

Texts on the landing page – features

Texts on a landing page are information that the recipient reads after landing on the landing page.

Their basic goal is to persuade recipients to take a specific action. As a result, they ensure high conversions through persuasive phrases. In addition:

  • The content is direct, attractive and often has an original style.
  • An important element is the language of benefits, which informs the reader about the advantages of the offer.
  • The text must be strictly adapted to the expectations of the target group.

Does the content have to be tailored for SEO?

When formulating texts, we must determine whether they will meet the principles of SEO copywriting. This depends on what exactly a landing page is.

If the landing page is an integral, large element of the website, then it is worth optimizing the text for positioning. We are talking here, for example, about the “Offer” subpage or its individual elements.

But if the landing page is a separate business card that aims to maximize conversions, then an SEO structure is not required, because such pages will not break through in the search engine anyway to reach a larger audience. Instead, it is better to focus on ensuring that the text contains the above-mentioned features.

The basic purpose of texts on a landing page is to persuade readers to take a specific action.

How to write texts on a landing page?

Below we present key tips on formulating effective, persuasive content.

Write directly to the recipient

The basic purpose of texts on a landing page is to persuade the recipient to take a specific action. Regardless of whether we are talking about a newsletter or a final transaction – the information is addressed directly to the customer. For this reason, use 1st and 2nd person. no. in the active voice.

Present the benefits of conversion

Clearly inform your audience about the benefits of the action. The language must be expressive, i.e. full of emotions. Indifferent content, which is not addressed to readers, are the most common text errors on landing pages.

Be accurate and concise

Remember that the sales nature is only a marketing ploy, while the entire backbone of the text is professional and specific information. Recipients will immediately notice when you write about nothing just to “make up for the marks.” Effective content is concise content because, let’s face it, people scan pages more than they read them.

Format the text

Najważniejsze informacje wyszczególnij w nagłówkach i pogrubieniach. Użytkownicy Internetu zapoznają się z informacjami wybiórczo, dlatego najbardziej atrakcyjne treści powinieneś wyeksponować. Ta kwestia jest szczególnie istotna w przypadku tekstów SEO, gdzie frazy kluczowe powinny być promowane właśnie przez odpowiednią strukturę.

List the most important information in headings and bold. Internet users read information selectively, so you should highlight the most attractive content. This issue is particularly important in the case of SEO texts, where key phrases should be promoted through an appropriate structure.

Don’t forget about CTA

Call To Action is a common “call to action.” After providing the most important information, include encouraging phrases such as “don’t wait!” or “take advantage of the offer today!”.


  • The texts on the landing page are persuasive texts whose task is to maximize conversions.
  • They do this through the language of benefits and direct phrases that encourage web visitors to make a purchase or take other action.
  • Formatting, CTA and, above all, substantive content may be helpful, because “quality speaks for itself”.
  • Remember that there is no room for half-measures in such content. Make sure the form is attractive and unique, as well as the expressive nature of the text.
  • Finally, you need to observe the results and make regular modifications to make the text even more effective!

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