Is adding product descriptions in an online store worth it?

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Product descriptions are a laborious endeavor. Is it worth allocating investment funds to other marketing activities for this reason? But is it better to take the bull by the horns, describing each item in your offer? In the article, we will thoroughly analyze the advantages and disadvantages of product descriptions.

Product descriptions in the online store – advantages

The basic goals pursued by professional product descriptions are to improve product conversion and visibility.

Attractive content persuades to buy in a persuasive way, and substantive information effectively strengthens positioning. An additional effect is the increase in trust among recipients, as well as the construction of a professional brand image.

The effect of product descriptions is an increase in the effectiveness of the offer, which results in increased sales. What’s more, improving the visibility of the store is associated with generating free traffic on the website. Although you usually have to wait a long time for the effects, they are very stable.

Product descriptions in the online store – disadvantages

Each investment can bring benefits, but also losses. The cost of a single product description usually ranges from N 2,000 to N 10,000 (taking into account the copywriter’s price list). In the event of insufficient sales, creating content may expose the entrepreneur to severe expenses that he could spend on more short-term marketing activities.

On the other hand, only SEO is a long-term benefit, while an attractive presentation of the offer directly increases sales, so it is worth describing at least the key positions to which ads are directed. Only then can you deal with the description of the entire range.

Smarter users have probably realized by now that defects are the result of bad business decisions, not product descriptions per se. Every investment can turn out to be wrong, and shop texts are no exception.

Product descriptions can be wasteful if they are introduced at the wrong time or in the wrong situation.

If the store owner, along with the payment for the texts, loses the opportunity to promote and reach a larger audience, the descriptions will be useless – after all, they need a target group.


  • Product descriptions are the type of content that improves conversion, drives sales, and increases your store’s visibility. However, too little or too much investment on thins marketing activity can bring unsatisfactory results, so you need to make a well-considered business decision.
  • For each online store, it is worth adding product descriptions, but you should not forget about other marketing activities such as offsite positioning, Google & Facebook Ads or even other types of content.
  • Professional presentation of the assortment is the basis for sales and is an inseparable element of marketing.

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