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Proofreading Course

Private proofreading certification course. Sharpen your proofreading skills and transform into a certified proofreader.


Proofreading course – online

Application is open for a short certification program being offered by Content Writer that will fully equip you for the job of a professional proofreader.

The curriculum includes, among others:

  • Checking texts for language accuracy;
  • Comprehensive content optimization for SEO;
  • Adaptation of texts to the brand’s guidelines.

Under the guidance of a committed tutor, you will investigate the aforementioned challenges in practice throughout the course..

What distinguishes our

Proofreader course

Individual mentor

Get valuable feedback from professionals after each of your proofreading sessions.

Learning in practice

Develop your knowledge, create and grow your own portfolio while under our tutelage.

Job opportunities

We offer our outstanding course graduates with juicy permanent work opportunities inside our company.

Why it's worth starting

Proofreading course

The need for proofreaders is increasing astronomically as over 90% of marketers now invest in content production.

Once you’ve finished the proofreading course, you’ll be an expert who can check texts from the comfort of your home for a living.

Along with working for us, you can also find employment in the

  • journalism,
  • the publishing sector,
  • marketing.

Which contains

Course program

The proofreading course includes 60 hours of intensive study.

During this period, you will learn all the necessary issues, such as:

Language proofreading

Learn all the rules for improving content.


SEO optimization

Learn how to adjust texts according to Google’ and other search engines ‘guidelines.

Formal and legal issues

Learn how to draft a contract between the customer and the proofreader.

Content presentation

Learn how to choose the right font, apply a watermark and formatting.

To whom do we target

Proofreading course

Anybody who wants to advance their profession in writing is welcome to attend proofreading crash course. There is only one requirement: a dedication to learning.

You will carry out a variety of assignments associated with proofreading throughout the duration of the course. You will begin individual classes with seasoned proofreaders; while challenging, this is the quickest method to learn the trade. Additionally, we offer other advantages:


You will be issued a a personalized course completion certificate.

Educational materials

Our training materials will be accessible to you forever.

Rich proofreading portfolio

You will build your own proofreader portfolio during the course.

Employment opportunities

The top pupils might apply for a permanent position with our company.

The most important

Course information

Price – 50,000 ₦ net

The cost of participating in the individual teaching program. It includes all fees.

Course duration – 60 hours

The total time we will devote to your education during the training.

Form – 100% online

The entire proofreading course takes place remotely; you will complete it without leaving home.

What you’re are investing in

The entire training fee goes to the work of those who are engaged in teaching.

Meanwhile, we’ll take care of your studies while you develop your professional reputation as a proofreader and also enjoy these value added services:

Mentorship from an individual mentor

Each time we will send constructive feedback after checking the contents you’ve proofread.

Set of tasks customized for you

From the broad to the narrow, we have thoughtfully put together a set of tasks that disclose the secrets of correction.

Our organization’s specialized knowledge

We will also give you a ton of organizational information that will aid in the development of your future professional life.

Ongoing support

Any questions you might have about proofreading can be answered by your mentor at any time.



If you have any doubts about the copywriter course, we may have cleared them up in the section below.

Is the proofreading course for me?

If you want to get to know the profession of a proofreader and develop your career in this direction, our course is ideal for you.

We will not only impart all the necessary knowledge to you but also lay the foundation for building your image. However, implementing the teaching program requires commitment, as we will be working on specific texts.

If you do not want to participate in the learning process, ready webinars or instructional videos, which do not require any effort on your part, will be a better solution. Nonetheless, learning through practice is the most effective solution and offers many additional benefits, such as building your own portfolio (which will significantly facilitate finding a job as a proofreader).

In the education process, we avoid too theoretical, academic approach – we focus on specifics and the development of skills that will be useful in reality. During the learning process, we will mainly focus on practice to prepare you for the profession in a short time. If this is what you expect from a proofreading course, we invite you to participate.

What does the text correction course program include?

During the training, you will correct 12 diverse texts.

In the texts corrected during the correction course, you should consider:

  • language, punctuation, and spelling correctness;
  • appropriate text structure for positioning;
  • the substantive layer of the checked text;
  • formatting (including headers, bullets, bolding);
  • adjusting the appearance of the text according to brand guidelines.

After each task completed, you will receive feedback from the mentor.

What is the duration of the course?

The total teaching time is 60 hours, which translates into a comprehensive correction of twelve texts under our supervision.

You can tailor the course to your schedule, learning whenever you want. You have 12 months to complete the entire training from the moment it begins.

Is there a chance for further cooperation?

Yes, the best course participants receive a job offer in our proofreading department.

We aim the training at people who want to develop their skills in this direction. For this reason, we treat every graduate as a potential proofreader in our organization.

Due to the varied level of competence after the completion of the course, we reserve contact exclusively with selected individuals.

Why choose a

Course at Content Writer

Authorized institution

We are an educational institution registered in the Register of Training Institutions.

Rich experience

We are the largest copywriting agency in the world according to LinkedIn.

Innovative teaching

We are the first to offer gaining knowledge in practice under the supervision of experts.

How does the

Proofreading course process

The entire learning process is based on a clear scheme.


Content correction

You will be required to correct texts in accordance with the provided instructions.


Receiving tips

Your dedicated supervisor will check the text and send detailed feedback.


Award of certificate

After successfully completing the procedure 12 times, you will be given a unique certificate of completion.

Job offers

Have you completed the correction course? Check out the current recruitments to our organization. Remember to enter the certificate number when applying.

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