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Let’s help you choose names that are perfect reflection of your brand and significantly affect how your brand is perceived by present and prospective customers.

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Professional naming service

Your business, product or service name is an important part of your brand and should be chosen carefully.

However, coming up with great names can be very challenging for non-experts.

Our experts can help you choose unique names that are a reflection of your brand and significantly impact how it is perceived by both existing and potential customers.

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What's included in our naming service

Creative naming service


We brainstorm to come up with a name you and your customers will love


We make sure name is available and does not violate any copyright anywhere

Transfer of copyright

Transfer of copyright to clients

We are multilingual

Out-of-the-box naming services in 50+ languages

We provide naming services in various languages, including:

When to order

Professional naming service

Ordering a professional naming service can be a good idea if you’re struggling to come up with a name for your business, product or service.

You can also order the services of professionals if you want to ensure that your name is unique, professional, memorable, and reflects your brand.

Ultimately, deciding whether to use a professional naming service is a personal choice that depends on your business needs and goals.

Naming service - Benefits

Brand recognition

Creatively promote your brand widely


Customer engagement

Acquire and engage with potential customers

Increased sales

Outgrow and outsell your competitors

Grow your brand

A well-chosen name is a powerful tool for building a strong brand and growing your business.

By choosing a name that resonates with your target audience, reflects your brand values, and sets you apart from competitors, you can create a powerful brand identity that drives growth and success over the long term.

This is why it’s necessary to get the name right with the help of professionals like us.

Customer engagement

Good names helps with customer engagement by making a brand more memorable and relatable to customers.

A name that resonates with your target audience can create a positive impression and build trust which in turn leads to increased engagement and loyalty.

A unique and distinctive name can also help differentiate your brand from competitors, making it more attractive to customers.

Increased sales

By creating a strong brand identity through a well-chosen name, businesses can:

– increase brand recognition and word-of-mouth referrals

– grow customer engagement and loyalty

– and build trust

All of these interact to lead to increased sales and revenue over time.

Widest industry coverage

Naming that works – a list of various industries we operate

We create names for organizations in the following industries and many others:


Ordering process

Our ordering process

Order naming service in 3 easy steps



Contact us or e-mail [email protected] to give us guidelines for your order



We fulfil your orders in record time



We email the final content to you

Why people prefer our naming service

Professional naming service


We don’t just name, we churn out only unique names


No violation

We carry out through legal research to ensure this

Transfer of copyright

Your name is yours forever, no dispute


Frequently asked questions about our naming service

What is naming service?

Naming service  is a professional service we offer at Content Writer Nigeria whereby we help clients choose names that are a reflection of their brand identity and significantly affect how it is perceived by existing and potential customers.

We also offer naming service for products and services.

What influences the final name you come up with?

There are several factors that influence the final name that we come up with for clients. These include:

  • Brand positioning: We make sure that the final name align with the brand’s positioning and overall strategy. It communicates the brand’s unique value proposition and differentiate it from competitors.
  • Target audience: We strive to ensure that the name we come up with resonate with the target audience and appeal to their preferences and values. They’re usually easy to remember, pronounce, and spell, and evoke positive emotions or associations.
  • Brand personality: Names we come up with reflect the brand’s personality and tone of voice. It is consistent with the brand’s visual identity, messaging, and overall aesthetic.
  • Legal considerations: We carry out legal checks to make sure that final names are legally available for use, not infringe on existing trademarks or copyrights, and comply with relevant laws and regulations.
  • Domain availability: We check for domain availability before coming up with suitable names for clients, as having a matching domain helps with online visibility and credibility.
  • Stakeholder input: The final name may be influenced by feedback from stakeholders such as employees, investors, or customers, as well as internal brainstorming sessions and market research.

Overall, the final names we come up with are a reflection of the brand’s identity and strategy, while also resonating with its target audience and meeting legal and practical considerations.

What if I do not like the final name?

We make huge efforts to ensure that the names we create are attractive, unique and closely related to your company and product.

But if our copywriters have different vision from yours, we will start our work again – we do not charge additional fees for this.

Do you also create slogans?

Oh yes, we can create a company name along with its slogan.

A catchy advertising slogan hugely helps in building a recognizable brand that outsells competitors.

How much does your naming service cost?

Our naming service starts from N160, 000. See our price list for the prices of other services we offer.

Which locations do you operate in Nigeria

Though based in Lagos State, Nigeria, we service other states like Ogun State, Enugu State, Katsina State, Delta State, Taraba, Kogi and many others.

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