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You received a text from a copywriter, but you’re not entirely sure if it’s written correctly? It seems to read well, there are no glaring errors, but the overall effect isn’t impressive. Are you too demanding? No, don’t worry, it’s a common occurrence – in this article we’ll discuss why this happens and how to recognize good texts. We invite you to read on!

Features of a good text

At the outset, we must point out that a text can be fully correct in terms of language, while at the same time being incorrect. Why?

Writing is a carrier of information that uses conventional symbols for this purpose. This means that it consists of both form and essence. Similarly to ’empty rhetoric’ in speech, there is ‘beautiful waffle’ in writing, which is characterized by correct structure but a deficit of information.

For this reason, a good copywriter must remember not only about the rules of language, but also about implementing other important components in the content. Below we will list the most important of the important components of great texts:

High substantive value

The foundation of a good text is the message it carries.

Valuable information is key to users gaining trust in a brand and spending more time on the site. This in turn translates into increased positioning, which positively affects visibility and organic traffic on the site.

In short, relevant content must have a lot of “meat” to be of real help to readers. Without it, texts seem boring, drawn-out, or obvious – and that is the reality.

A good writer will prepare for the topic by doing topic research to dress up reliable information in an attractive form. Without the aforementioned “essence,” the article can be “correct” at best.

SEO optimization

We cannot imagine modern copywriting without a well-structured content for positioning.

If the target location is the Internet, visibility optimization is necessary to maximize sales potential.

This is important for another reason – optimizing texts for SEO does not interfere with the readability and naturalness of the article in any way. Lack of optimization is therefore a common mistake in art, which is why it is absolutely necessary to remember the principles of content positioning.

Individual approach

Another important feature of a good text is the arrangement of the form to the expectations of customers. Already at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, William James noticed that people are not simple receivers of information. Each individual is characterized by a specific set of experiences (affordances), which affects the acquisition of semantic information and understanding the meaning of the statement. This means that one message can be received in completely different ways.


A specialist article on engine construction will be a source of conclusions for a reliable mechanic, but not for a fashion designer. Although the people mentioned read exactly the same information, the knowledge about motor vehicles that the mechanic has acquired earlier allows him to analyze the issue from a completely different perspective.

Taking this fact into account, the writer should adapt the nature of the content to the competences of the recipients. If the target location is a children’s clothing store, the information should be simple, informal and written in “youth slang”. On the other hand, a law firm can use professional nomenclature and formal messages, because this is language fully adapted to its target group.

It is very likely that the cheapest copywriter will not take such an important aspect into account, because with a low salary it will not be worth it to go beyond their templates and waste time on some analysis of the client’s needs.

I hope that after reading this article you already know how to recognize a good text. Of course, there are many more factors, but for the sake of conciseness we have limited ourselves to the basics of modern copywriting.

If you would like to order a good text tailored to your company, we are here to help! Our copywriting agency is a team of experienced writers, translators and proofreaders whose experience reaches thousands of different implementations.

Mabel Onyeachonam

I am a professional content writer with specialties in web articles, blogposts, guest posts, advertisements, and SEO articles, across varieties of niches. I help brands create more awareness about their existing products and services, using top-ranking SEO contents. Asides writing, I love to cook, read novels, and care for pets.

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