Online sales with texts – is it really effective?

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The value of the e-commerce market is constantly growing, which means greater earning potential. However, the condition is appropriate marketing, including content that effectively encourages purchases. But do they exist? To what extent can texts support online sales? Find out all you need to know in this article.

Texts for online sales

The fundamental element that determines the nature of the writing is the target location of the sales content.

  • Large e-commerce platforms of well-known intermediaries, such as Konga or Jumia, completely ignore SEO issues. In such a case, you can focus strictly on persuasion and direct communication.
  • In the case of online stores, the situation is completely different, because the content must have an appropriate positioning-friendly structure.

The other variables that influence the tone of the text are:

  • Audience (average level of education, scale of diversity, age, gender, needs)
  • Company image (what brand does the company look like)
  • Description structure (will the content be linked to graphics? Are there permanent bullet-point sections?)

Although it seems complicated, it is not difficult to find several constant features that characterize effective texts for online sales. Their use is universal and almost always increases conversion.

What should texts for online sales contain?

The primary means to use is the language of benefits. In short, this procedure means presenting all the advantages of the purchase.

A potential customer must be clearly informed what value the transaction will bring, why it is worth choosing that particular product, etc.

This is a basic element that constitutes the basis for further development of the substantive part. If the text volume is limited (e.g. due to the client’s limited budget), the language of benefits is a laconic accumulation of all the arguments that can convince the customer and change his purchase decision – hence, even with short descriptions, it can maintain a high level of effectiveness.

Online sales via text cannot be done without one more measure – CTA (call to action). Literally translated, it means a call to action, which in practice comes down to short phrases like “Don’t wait, buy now!”

CTA is particularly important in B2C relationships for cheap products that can be purchased on emotion/impulse.

Additional strategies include time pressures (e.g. limited edition, last call for purchase!), promotions or a mix of them (20% discount until the end of the day).

Does online selling with text always work?

When we talk about effects, we are treading on slippery ground, because the final results depend on many factors. However, there is no doubt that texts for an online store constitute the absolute basis on which you can develop further marketing activities.

Texts for online sales:

  • They increase conversions
  • They improve positioning
  • They create an image

The condition is, of course, unique, high-quality content (and not quick import from the manufacturer’s website), as well as ensuring an appropriate number of external links and other activities on the website (improving UX, increasing page speed, etc.).

Only the sum of these works on the store significantly increases the chance of success, but it is not a guarantee of success. The benefits may be reduced by the activities of competitors who also compete for a limited space in the search engine. We can therefore say that the winner is the one who takes care of more elements with full professionalism.

Oghenetega Umolo

I am a creative content writer with exceptional writing skills, research abilities, SEO knowledge, creativity, and adaptability to create engaging, accurate, well-structured written contents across various platforms and formats.

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