The 7 most common content marketing mistakes. How to avoid them

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It is said that only those who do nothing do not make mistakes. This is true, but when running a content marketing strategy, it is worth doing everything to avoid them. This is because each, even a small mistake, can negatively affect the results of the campaign and thwart your previous efforts. Therefore, here are the most common content marketing mistakes – check what not to do and how to avoid possible mistakes!

7 content marketing mistakes to avoid

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs still make various types of content marketing mistakes that make it difficult to acquire customers and use the full potential of this strategy.

Here are 7 key ones – by avoiding them, you will significantly increase your chances of achieving your business goals!

Not blogging

Today, a blog is the best tool for providing valuable content to potential customers, encouraging them to take advantage of the offer and building a positive brand image. In short, if you want to be successful, you must lead.

Publish specialized entries containing a lot of valuable tips, inform recipients about company events or new products, and respond to the needs of potential customers. Thanks to this you will gain the image of an expert in the industry, encourage you to take advantage of the offer and position your website more effectively.

Inconsistent posting

Many entrepreneurs, when deciding to start a blog, do not fully know how to run it. The result is low-quality posts on very rare publications. Meanwhile, it is regularity and regularity that make your blog vibrant and attract new recipients.

So make sure that articles are published at least 1-2 times a week – if you are unable to prepare them yourself, use the help of an experienced copywriter. In this way, you will get contents that will help you build your position as a market leader.

Overlooking the potential of social media

One of the basic mistakes of content marketing is also downplaying the importance of social media. Many entrepreneurs assume that a professional website and an interesting blog are enough to succeed. Unfortunately, this is a misconception.

It turns out that the core of the digital world takes place mainly in social media. They are the ones that gather the largest number of your potential customers and thanks to them you can effectively distribute your content. Therefore, use the power of such portals as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn and stay in constant contact with the readers of your brand. No matter what industry you represent.

Failure to define target audience

One of the most important elements of a content marketing strategy is defining the target group, which many entrepreneurs forget about. As a result, they present the content to people who are not interested in it. This is the best way to waste time and money.

Therefore, to avoid this common content marketing mistake, learn everything about your potential customers. Check what characteristics a typical recipient of your offer has, what age they are and what they need. By creating and publishing content from this angle, you will significantly increase your chances of gaining many new customers.

Google Analytics is a great tool to check who your customers are and how they behave on your website.

No SEO optimization

“If I already run one campaign, why do I need another one? Waste of time and money!” – this is another misconception that prevents you from fully exploiting the potential of content marketing. In practice, it turns out that it should always go hand in hand with SEO.

What’s more, it is content marketing that is the foundation of effective positioning, because it allows you to publish many keywords and links, thanks to which your brand will gain visibility on the web.

So avoid this content marketing mistake and take care of optimizing your website and the texts published on it in terms of SEO. Take care of meta data, headers, keywords and links (internal and external). You can do most of the basic work yourself. If you do not have time for this, use the help of a positioner or a qualified SEO copywriter.

Focusing on one type of content

Content is not only texts. And although they are its basis, without which it is impossible to carry out an effective strategy, it is worth supplementing them with visual content:

  • photos;
  • graphics;
  • charts;
  • video materials.

In this way, they will become much more attractive to the recipient and will be better perceived by Google.

Not adapting content to mobile devices

Not adapting the displayed content to the capabilities of mobile devices is one of the basic mistakes of content marketing, which can lead to potential customers immediately leaving your website. Why? Smartphones have dominated the world and it is they that are used by the vast majority of us to browse the Internet. Non-adapted content on the site will be illegible.

Therefore, it is worth taking care of the responsiveness of the website and checking how the published content looks on a small screen. You can test the mobility of your website with a free Google tool.

Why is content marketing the key to your success?

Many business owners, regardless of the industry, realize that creating quality content and its effective distribution can contribute to success in the digital world.

“Content is king” are words that are becoming more and more established in the minds of entrepreneurs.

What it comes from? Well, thanks to content marketing:

  • you will attract the attention of potential customers and promote your products or services more effectively;
  • you will establish long-term relationships with clients that will have an impact on your company’s reputation and financial results;
  • you will use various marketing channels, which will allow your brand to appear in the minds of recipients with different needs and preferences;
  • your website will gain better visibility on the Internet, thanks to which you will generate more traffic on it.

Of course, these are just some of the benefits of this type of marketing strategy. In order for you to enjoy all of them, you should plan your campaign properly – preferably with the support of a specialist whose knowledge and experience will help you achieve success.


  • Content marketing is one of the best ways to attract customers and build a positive brand image.
  • When running a campaign, you can make many content marketing mistakes – the most important ones are giving up your blog and social media activity.
  • The basic mistake of content marketing is not specifying the target group, as a result of which your content reaches the wrong people.
  • If you want to be successful, publish a variety of content regularly – not only texts, but also photos, graphics and videos.
  • Remember to optimize your content for mobile devices and SEO.

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