How to run a blog to attract customers and make massive sales

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Blogs used to be associated with a collection of culinary and travel entries, but today it is the foundation of content marketing. The blog – because that’s what we’re talking about – has become a central strategy in acquiring customers, building an image and creating interest in different offers. However, you have to know how to run a blog effectively so that it fulfills all these functions.

Selling via a blog? It’s possible!

Everything flows – so said Heraclitus of Ephesus, although even he did not realize how much the perception of the blog would undergo over the last decade.

It’s all about the business dimension – a blog site is no longer just an attribute of people who want to share tips with the world. Today, every company that conducts marketing activities on the Internet regularly publishes specialized articles in its industry.

However, we know that creating such content takes time and effort. So what is the purpose of this amount of work?

Benefits of running a blog

Blog articles can do a lot of good for a company’s business. The most important benefits they bring are:

  • Increased website traffic – the primary goal of content is to generate traffic by gaining appropriate visibility. The articles fulfill this role perfectly and effectively attract new recipients.
  • A larger number of potential customers – valuable readers who may be interested in your offer come to your website voluntarily. Recipients acquired within the so-calledinbound marketing, have a higher conversion rate compared to people who are involuntarily shown traditional ads.
  • Building a brand image – This asset is often underestimated because it seems to have little to do with sales. Nothing could be further from the truth! The current purchasing process is based on trust like never before, and creating recognition and competence in the eyes of customers contributes to greater interest in the offer and serves to increase prices, which affects the margin and final profits.

Moreover, the effects of content marketing are extremely stable – articles do not disappear, and the increasing age of the domain only works to your advantage. Therefore, it is worth learning how to run a blog to enjoy growing money from it!

How to run an effective blog

The final effects are influenced by a number of factors, but we can mention the most important ones.

  • Clear layout – it is worth ensuring a solid foundation for inserting content. Consider a clear structure of articles, which includes an introduction, table of contents, hierarchy of headings, summary of the problem discussed and summary. Both audiences and Google algorithms don’t like blocks of text, so add some air to your content!
  • Intuitive UX – before customers read the content, they will understand many elements related to your blog site. Keep loading times short, create internal linking and encourage people to read more articles. Moreover, no one likes having to close pop-up windows and disable ads after entering a blog. Pages with this approach have a drastic bounce rate.
  • Substantive value – convenient is one thing, but usefulness is another. Articles must provide unprecedented value to the user to arouse their interest in your company. If your texts are only to gain visibility and attract traffic, do not count on frequent requests for offers.
  • SEO optimization – as the cartoon Johnny Bravo used to say: “Muscles aren’t everything! The frieze also counts.” The same applies to the article, which, in addition to perfect, transparent content, must contain developed meta-descriptions, tags and alternative text attached to the featured photo. Such “details” significantly affect the final effect, especially in terms of positioning.


  • If you wanted a concise answer on how to run a blog, we have to disappoint you: success depends on many factors, and articles are just one of them.
  • Nevertheless, it is worth gaining the awareness that content marketing is an extremely complicated network, where there is no simple recipe for benefits from a blog.
  • Knowledge is essential, but knowing the dependencies is still only a fishing rod, not a fish.
  • The market will ultimately decide the effectiveness of the catch!

Oluniyi Akande

I'm an AI/SEO copywriter and editor. With over 6 years of professional content writing experience, I've written fresh contents, revamped existing contents, and edited lots of AI-generated contents to drive traffic and sell products across the world. When I'm not working, I love to drive, swim, and watch movies.

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