Effective copywriting strategy – what are its characteristics?

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Copywriting is constantly changing, but one rule remains constant: without a plan, don’t move! An appropriate strategy is crucial to conduct reasonable marketing activities on the Internet without wasting unnecessary time and vitality. Therefore, if you are still blind and don’t know where to start building a copywriting strategy, be sure to read this article!

Advantages of copywriting strategy

The copywriting strategy involves planning activities related to the publication of marketing content to maximize their effectiveness.

Why is this important? Because business results are not driven by the preferences of the entrepreneur, but by cool statistics. It is not enough to do what you think is right – what is more important is solid support in data that determines the correctness of the chosen direction.

Selling bananas at the market is an occupation of few companies. Nowadays, most of them require organization, which simply needs to be managed wisely in order to make profits – and a copywriting strategy will certainly help with this, as it provides solid support for activities on the Internet.

Substantive, industry-specific articles can do a lot of good: they strengthen positioning, create an expert brand image, and increase sales and interest in the offer. Unfortunately, they involve time and money expenses, so it is important to have an appropriate plan that will allow you to obtain maximum benefits with minimal effort.

The advantages of a copywriting strategy are:

  • Faster results – thanks to the accurate planning of publications, the pace of achieving the set business goals is significantly increased.
  • Lower costs – precise text writing reduces the number of characters required to achieve benefits; in other words, “unnecessary” copywriter work is not allowed.
  • Long-term progress and benefits – some goals are achieved faster, others slower. However, if we are talking about defeating established competition for top phrases in the search engine, the project may last many months or even years, and this period includes reasonable actions, not Sisyphean work.

So if you expect a bright future for your company, there should be room for such an important element as effective, precise copywriting. In what follows, we’ll take a direct look at what planning of such activities looks like.

Building a copywriting strategy

The first step in the journey of a thousand miles is to define the marketing goal that is to accompany the realized

Define the goal and resources

  • Is it supposed to be a fight for positioning and gaining specific phrases, or maybe building a premium class brand?
  • If you want to appear high on Google, how much content do you need and what type?
  • How much content does the competition have?
  • How long will it take you to level this level?

These are the questions answered by an objective audit, determining the chance of success and the deadline for the assumed effects. Yes, this can be investigated in advance and an action plan can be developed on this basis.

Check how to perform keyword selection.

Designate regular publications

After obtaining information about which keyword phrases are not used and what the competition’s situation is, you can start preparing a precise list of issues that will increase the amount of copywriting content on your website and start generating the first traffic.


If a website with the same topic presents 100 articles on its blog, order the publication of three entries per week and you will achieve a higher result after just 9 months.

Remember, however, that numbers are not everything – maybe it is worth focusing on a stronger link profile, website optimization, or longer, more comprehensive articles?

Watch your progress and make corrections

The Internet is characterized by dynamic changes that should be taken into account when taking actions.

Has the current market situation made customers interested in slightly different services? Get ahead of the competition and create a landing page, and maybe you will appear for some phrases earlier than expected?

Has Google updated its SEO algorithms? Take them into account and arrange your articles in such a way that they bring better results than the old versions of your competitors.

A copywriting strategy is only data-based assumptions that need to be verified and improved on an ongoing basis. Reasonable planning of activities will save you a lot of unnecessary work, but remember that it will never be perfect. For this reason, it is worth acquiring new knowledge on an ongoing basis, observing market trends, as well as internal results that are constantly being created in the company.

A copywriting strategy is only data-based assumptions that need to be verified and improved on an ongoing basis.

And on top of that, a ton of patience is required. You can assume the right actions, but it is impossible to predict the time that will bring the expected results. So if you are carrying out or have ordered work and the results are still not visible, but the calculations/assumptions show that this makes sense, stick with it! The strategy most often provides for actions and an imprecise estimated period after which the benefits of the actions taken will be felt.


  • Wise planning of future copywriting activities will save many unnecessary efforts in the future.
  • In order to build a copywriting strategy, you should determine not only your own resources and the possible scope of work, but also the activities of your competitors, which also affect the generated business benefits.

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