Sales copywriting – what is it and what is it used for?

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In business, copywriting can serve many functions. One of them is to improve positioning, and another is to improve the brand image. The most basic goal, however, is to increase sales through encouraging texts. This is possible provided that several important rules are met. So check out what characterizes effective sales copywriting!

Sales copywriting – what is it?

Sales copywriting involves creating content that is intended to result in sales.


They should be created in accordance with the client’s individual order to meet his marketing goals.

There is no need to write extensively about why it is worth ordering such content. Writing is the basic information carrier that convinces customers to make a purchase. Properly arranged texts therefore have great potential in increasing sales results. This is especially important in e-commerce, where product descriptions are the basic determinant of the purchase decision.

What are the characteristics of sales copywriting?

Like any content that is intended to achieve a specific goal, sales copywriting is governed by several specific rules. They are inherent features of effective texts, so let’s quickly move on to discussing them.

The language of benefits

Language of benefits involves presenting a product or service in such a way as to inform recipients of the specific value that results from making a purchase.

This is the most important element of sales copywriting.

While this concept may seem natural and all too obvious, it is not as widely used as it is believed. Many companies still neglect the customer perspective, focusing only on technical specifications and their own advantages.

The language of benefits is a solution that forces you to put yourself in the recipients’ shoes and put yourself in their shoes when making a purchasing decision. Putting the matter in this light, conclusions are reached to primarily inform about the problems that the product or service solves. Such an illustration of the benefits is the most important factor that influences curiosity, interest and ultimately – taking advantage of the offer.

In summary, when creating content, you need to clearly communicate the practical benefits of your purchase. Only then should you present the company’s experience and resources, which additionally influence the quality of the offer. From General to specific!

Call to Action

A call to action, abbreviated as CTA (call-to-action), is the final information addressed directly to the recipients, encouraging them to take action.

We all know them in the form of common slogans “Don’t wait, buy now!” or “Check the offer today!”, although there are many possibilities to include encouraging CTAs in the text.

The most common methods include creating time pressure (“Add a product to your cart within 10 minutes and you will receive the second product for FREE!”), providing social proof (“40,000 people are already using this shampoo – join them and get rid of dandruff ”!) and creating additional benefits (“Add another product and enjoy FREE delivery!”).

The above CTAs are usually more effective than short, painfully repetitive slogans. However, let’s remember that they can be used in various ways, adapting them to your business profile and further increasing the effects of sales copywriting.

Let us also remember that a call-to-action is not only an incentive, but also a concise instruction that informs how to take advantage of the offer. Placing an e-mail address, contact number or a URL link to the form will be a good idea.

Strict target

Effective messages are characterized by the fact that they are directed to a designated group of recipients.

No text is profitable in itself, but only in relation to the people who read it. A tailored message is therefore another element of sales copywriting.

Let’s take an example of a clothing store for teenagers. What style of Facebook posts does our intuition suggest to us? Descriptions should be light, casual and written in an informal tone. Now let’s think about a law firm and its clients. Is effective sales copywriting the same here? Of course not – the descriptions must be completely different to generate benefits.

We clearly see that not the universal, but the individual nature of the content is the key to success. Therefore, it is worth collaborating with a copywriter who will take into account the audience’s profile in order to create accurate, precisely tailored content.


  • Sales copywriting involves creating content aimed at persuading readers to take advantage of offers.
  • To increase potential effects, the copywriter uses the language of benefits and call-to-action, and adapts the message to the target group.
  • Putting the above tips into practice can significantly contribute to achieving better sales results.

Lordson Okpetu

I'm many things rolled into one; I'm an ex-journalist, a content strategist, digital marketer and 'rockstar' direct response copywriter. I've written tons of copies to sell thousands of products and services across diverse industries in Nigeria. In my occasional spare time, I play chess or spend time with my family. I am the Chief Operating Officer of Content Writer, Nigeria.

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