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Appropriate posts on Facebook can attract customers and increase revenue. However, in order to achieve marketing goals using social media, you need to know what content to publish. That’s why in this article we’ll explain how to create effective FB posts that really convert.

Effective Facebook posts – what do they depend on?

There are no specific, ready-made features of effective posts on FB. This is due to the uniqueness of each company, or more precisely, to a number of variables that must be taken into account when creating content. The most basic of them are::

  • target group
  • company image
  • offer

Target group

The company sends messages to specific recipients who have characteristics that indicate the greatest purchasing potential.


The offer of marketing services is more appropriate for the group of 25-30-year-olds than for 13-17-year-olds. This is due to the natural premise that the first age group is characterized by greater professional activity, which results in the demand for marketing services.

Defining and narrowing down the target group will allow you to reach potentially interested people, which in practice means lower advertising costs, higher conversions and – what is important in our case – formulating more precise entries on Facebook.

Company image

A designated model of communication with customers is extremely important for maintaining the consistency of the brand’s image. Thus, it determines the nature of the content according to which posts on Facebook should be created.


In the case of a law firm, effective posts on Facebook will have an official tone, indicating a formal position on the matters handled. Breaking this convention with a nonchalant entry may damage the company’s image.

The conclusion is to designate and maintain a specific character of messages on social media. This model will look different for each company, which results from the already described diversity of the target group, as well as the individual specificity of the company (which is influenced by the adopted strategy, human resources, etc.)


The modern market meets various human needs. The reason for this state of affairs is the narrow scope of activities of individual enterprises, or – in other words – the diversified offer specific to each company. A functioning company has its own bargaining chip that allows it to compete in a competitive market. This has an impact on content creation.

Posts on FB should revolve around the offer in order to implement marketing assumptions.

However, they do not have to describe it in a pushy and direct, i.e. strictly ‘salesy’ manner – the alternative is to provide objective information from which its attractiveness will logically result.

To conclude, an individual offer is another factor that gives Facebook posts a unique form. Their final shape is determined by many additional aspects, such as the approach to marketing, the specificity of the industry or the activities of competitors.

However, we encourage you to determine the optimal level of naturality and mix direct sales messages (highlighting the advantages of the services/products offered, the company’s strengths) with reliable content that objectively indicates the advantages of the offer using substantive information.

How to write effective FB posts?

We already notice many variables that influence the final tone of the content. It can be concluded that creating posts on Facebook is very difficult because there are no specific patterns and tips that will allow you to increase the effects.

Indeed, each post must be unique, which excludes the use of rigid forms, but we have ready-made marketing techniques at our disposal that you can freely use and adapt to your own needs. The most important of them are the language of benefits and call-to-action.

Use the language of benefits

It is a simple but very effective tool used in copywriting.

The language of benefits is a way of formulating statements in such a way as to provide readers with transparent information about the advantages of taking advantage of an offer.

Therefore, it is related to practicality, conciseness and response to customer needs.

We have mentioned the example of a car wash many times on our blog. This business is related to tools, an appropriate room, quality, experience, etc. However, from the customer’s point of view, only one condition is important – a clean car. And it is a smelling car, not an ultra-efficient vacuum cleaner from Germany, that advertising messages should revolve around.

Therefore, an effective post on FB should not specify how fast such a vacuum cleaner works, but how quickly the car will be vacuumed (which involves a faster visit, shorter time spent in the waiting room, etc.). The content is exactly the same, but the narrative is completely in favor of the customer.

To sum up, it is in this spirit that we propose creating entries on Facebook. After all, the customer is the target recipient of the message, so the content should be tailored precisely to his needs.

Include a call-to-action

When we have prepared unique content, it is worth enriching it with the so-called “call to action”.

Call-to-Action (CTA for short) is a word or phrase that prompts a user to take a specific action.

In the case of Facebook posts, it usually appears at the end and its purpose is to encourage readers to convert.


When we describe the attractiveness of what we are offering, we should inform the potential customer how s/he can take advantage of it – by calling a specific number, visiting the website or writing an e-mail.

Such an additional fragment may not require additional work but significantly affect the marketing benefits obtained.


  • Effective posts on Facebook will vary depending on the target group, the adopted communication strategy, and the promoted offer. This means that content must be tailored to meet your designated marketing goals.
  • To increase the effectiveness of posts on Facebook, it is worth using the language of benefits and using call-to-action. The rest of the copywriting techniques are not so universal, so their use depends on the individual company strategy.

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