Writing content for money – what does it look like?

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Do you want to start a copywriting career and wonder what writing texts for money looks like in practice? This mini-guide is just for you!

What you need to know before you start writing contents for money

Working as a copywriter requires both practical writing skills and theoretical background. While the former is acquired with experience, the latter requires acquiring knowledge in the field of:

  • rules of the English language – including grammar, punctuation and writing style;
    SEO issues – which include correctly adding headings, meta-descriptions, internal linking, etc.;
  • marketing techniques – such as using the language of benefits;
  • formal and legal rules – regarding concluding contracts, transferring copyrights, tax settlements, etc.

Without such substantive preparation, performing the copywriting profession will be significantly difficult. However, if you already have basic knowledge in the above-mentioned areas, it’s time to move on to practical work.

How does writing contents for money work?

We will present the entire process of writing for money in a few simple steps. However, these are not rules, because each copywriter may have a different model of cooperation with the client.

However, the following tips can be a starting point for you, so that you can then adapt the work to your needs.

Step one – orders

At the initial stage, the most important thing is to find customers to obtain orders. For this purpose, you can go to popular text exchanges, Facebook groups or set up your own website where you will present your copywriting offer.

Step two – arrangements

Once you find an interested person, arrange the details of the project. To avoid misunderstandings, agree:

  • The volume of text to be written
  • Time limit for completion
  • Rate for 1000 characters
  • Settlement form
  • Method of delivering materials

It is also worth specifying the moment of transfer of economic copyrights to the text (whether it takes place on the day of payment or immediately after sending the ordered content), as well as the exercise of personal copyrights (e.g. the possibility of inserting the text into the portfolio). To save time, you can create a contract template that includes the above information.

Remember that clarifying these issues is not an unnecessary formality, but a sign of professionalism. Transparent conditions are the basis for conflict-free cooperation.

Step three – implementation

If you already have your ordering guidelines, all that’s left to do is get to work! As you can see, only at this stage does the actual work of a copywriter begin, i.e. creating content for money.

Step four – shipping

After completing the project, it’s time to share the results of your work with the client. Depending on previous arrangements, send the materials to the client by e-mail or insert the texts directly on his website.

Step five – acceptance

Here, a copywriter is most often faced with two options: either the client is satisfied and accepts the content, or he sends it back for corrections. In the case of the first option, the matter is simple, but if the client does not accept the materials, you should modify them in the indicated places and send them back. Only when the customer is unanimously satisfied should you proceed to the final stage.

Step six – settlement

After finishing the work, settle accounts with the client according to the chosen settlement method. You can choose from an invoice (if you run a business or use portals offering such solutions), a commission contract or a contract for specific work.

The choice of the optimal solution depends on the individual tax interpretation as well as the specificity of the ordered texts.


  • Writing content for money actually consists of several stages, and content creation is just one of them. The cooperation also includes establishing project guidelines, agreeing on formal issues and settling accounts for the texts.
  • In theory, it involves several stages, but rest assured – the practice consists of logical consequences, so during cooperation, the issues discussed will be obvious to you.
  • Nevertheless, we hope that the above article has clarified the image of writing texts for money and has suggested some solutions to implement in your writing practice.

Mabel Onyeachonam

I am a professional content writer with specialties in web articles, blogposts, guest posts, advertisements, and SEO articles, across varieties of niches. I help brands create more awareness about their existing products and services, using top-ranking SEO contents. Asides writing, I love to cook, read novels, and care for pets.

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