Drip marketing – what is it and what is it used for?

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The key to effective marketing is developing a long-lasting relationship with your audience is. To achieve this it is important to understand how to use customer data in an automated way that is discrete, effective, and for the long term. Follow me, let me expose you to  drip marketing.

What is drip marketing?

Drip marketing, also known as drip campaign, is a marketing process that involves automating the sending of messages to recipients in accordance with a timetable.

The customer’s actions on the website will determine the message he sees. He will receive the proper notifications when, for instance, he adds a product to the cart, creates an account, subscribes to the newsletter, or does not complete the purchase. The process is discrete and unobtrusive, and drip marketing enables you to automate marketing tasks that are precisely catered to particular recipients.

How does the drip campaign planning work?

Drip marketing activities are long-term, but their preparation consists of just a few steps discussed below.

  1. Define your target audience – Define your target audience by classifying your visitors into groups according to their demographics, frequency of visits, propensity to click, interests, etc.
  2. Create content – When you are aware of the receivers of your messages, you may create the messages’ contents. Try to make them similar to the target market while being consistent with the brand of the business and one another.
  3. Set up a campaign – Plan a campaign that is appropriate for your audience while you plan your own. Determine the frequency and order in which messages should be issued. Create an automated customer contact scenario, in other words. Refrain from bombarding the receiver with communications; this can backfire.
  4. Implement your marketing plan – Roll out you marketing plan and automate your droplet campaign.
  5. Monitor your campaign’s results – you might have misunderstood your target audience or produced unappealing content. You shouldn’t be concerned; this is typical. Nevertheless, it is vital to keep an eye on the results of the drip campaign and, in light of your findings, produce useful pieces and get rid of or improve the ineffective ones.

Types of drip marketing campaigns

Your intended outcome will determine what material you produce and how you intend to distribute it. Consequently, there are different types of drip marketing:

  • Welcome campaigns – welcome people who have joined your newsletter, created an account or started a free trial of your product/services. Create a friendly atmosphere and leave a good impression.
  • Engaging campaigns– entice visitors to your website who haven’t interacted with it in a while to return. A “Long time no see” email may serve as an illustration of such a campaign.
  • Invitation campaign – Invite people who have opted out of your services to renew them by sending them an invitation. Give them a motivation to return.
  • Encouragement campaign –  encourage your web visitors to sign up for your newsletter, register, or subscribe. Always highlight the advantages of a sustained association with your brand.
  • Reminders – many internet shoppers abandon their carts before completing their purchases. Remind them of the goods they chose not to purchase.
  • Tutorials: – Support your clients by sharing your expertise with them through tutorials and tutorials.

Is it worth investing in drip marketing?

Definitely, drip marketing is something worth considering. It helps in maintaining a long-term relationship with the customer and gives visitors to your website the feeling that someone is with them, even though the messages sent are automated. The drip campaign is a way to support customers round the clock, seven days a week. 4 weeks a month.


  • Drip marketing – also known as a drip campaign – are automated messages sent to customers.
  • The messages sent are tailored to the customer’s behavior. When planning a campaign, you create a conversation scenario.
  • Before you start drip marketing, plan your action step by step. Start by defining your goal and target audience.

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