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Copywriting is undoubtedly a comfortable and pleasant job for people who want to develop their career online. However, the question arises – can you make a living from writing? The answer to that is ‘yes’, but another puzzle arises: how to earn more money from copywriting? You can read about this other concern in the article below!

What are the earning potentials in copywriting?

The basic conversion rate used in a copywriter’s work is the price per 1,000 characters with spaces. It depends on the volume of the written text – the longer the content, the more characters, and this means a higher price.

Typically, a copywriter pricing guide varies the rate depending on the type of content. After all, expert articles require more work than simple background texts. The most common amounts are:

Such wide ranges are mainly due to various copywriting skills. The price also includes additional obligations (e.g. whether the texts will be uploaded directly to the blog), as well as the analytical tools used (e.g. selection of key phrases based on data).

In addition, language remains a strong determinant of price. The above amounts apply to content written in English, while for German or Spanish the prices may be up to 200% higher. Copywriting price increases as the popularity of a given language decreases, e.g. in the case of Swedish or Hungarian. The cheapest is English copywriting, which differs from Polish by only a dozen or so percent.

How to earn more in copywriting?

Based on the above information, we can conclude that there are three ways to increase your earnings from writing texts:

  • Development of strong writing skills – read lots of books to acquire language fluency; follow SEO news; analyze the results of your texts and draw conclusions from them;
  • Analytical tools usage – select lucrative keyword phrases (low competitiveness, high searchability); check what people are looking for and what topics will be popular in the future (e.g. using Google Trends);
  • Learning to write in other languages ​​– enroll in a language school; read and begin to create content in foreign languages.

You can implement some of them right away, increasing the intensity of training or investing in copywriting tools. Then you will increase the value (and effectiveness) of your texts, which will allow you to negotiate more favorable financial terms with your contractors.

Other changes, such as writing in a different language, require a lot of work, but no one said that the path to professional copywriting is strewn with roses. On the contrary, to earn more, you cannot rely on being able to do what everyone else can do.

Light jobs will always be highly competitive and therefore low-paid.

It is worth noting that an additional source of remuneration may be comprehensive services in the field of inserting content or introducing products to the website. Many clients don’t have the time to implement content regularly, so it’s always worth offering your help.

What does it mean to ‘earn a lot’ from copywriting?

Ultimately, how much a copywriter earns depends on many factors.

One of the most important, which we have not touched on so far, is the availability of orders. Unfortunately, there are still few people in this industry working full-time, as most copywriters produce content on a freelance basis. This does not mean, however, that the salary must be lower – a professional writer who has regular orders and completes 300,000 copies per month. characters with spaces, can earn even over N1,200,000 during this period.

However, the uncertainty of assignments from freelancers means that earnings vary each month, hence there may be significant fluctuations in monthly remuneration. Therefore, the answer to the question of how to earn more in copywriting should not only include the rate per 1,000 characters, but also the stability of orders from contractors. ‘Soft’ skills such as efficient communication, establishing relationships, etc. also play a role in this aspect.

Therefore, the element of order availability sufficiently illustrates the fact that higher remuneration is a complex issue, depending not only on the copywriter’s skills, but also on his approach to cooperation and the general market situation. Undoubtedly, however, sincere efforts to provide the highest quality services are the most important action that will pay off in the future.

Oluwaseun Bakare

l am a Direct Response Copywriter with over 4 years experience in writing engaging and conversion driven content. Apart from writing content for websites such as blog articles and website management, l also enjoy swimming and binging on Netflix films.

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