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Every business in the modern day has access to enormous amounts of data, but simply possessing it is only half the battle—you also need to know how to use it. Because of how diverse their interpretations might be, choosing the most crucial information and comprehending it are not as easy as they might seem. What does data driven copywriting look like?

Data driven – what does that mean?

Data-driven is a concept that involves taking specific actions based on data, it is also promoting number-based work.

In this case, the most important things are facts and data, not intuition and guesswork. Data is of great value because it can be used in many different ways. On this basis, brands can, for example, run effective advertising campaigns, predict customer behavior, set product prices and more. Internal data analysis is an excellent support in running and developing a company.

How to use data in copywriting?

When it comes to data-driven copywriting, it is necessary to analyze the content and match it to user queries in the search engine. Articles on topics in line with the needs and queries of users are considered by SERP algorithms as valuable content, which translates into a high position in organic results.

Regardless of whether you run a blog, want to create content for a website, portal or online store, you need to pay attention to who you are addressing your message to and how to prepare the content so that it is not only interesting, but also brings benefits, for example, in form of increased website traffic or online sales.

In the data driven model, content analysis is centered on the usage of as many SEO tools as possible, which provide crucial analytical data.

Some of the tools worth considering are:

How to create data-driven contents

Creating content based on data is a great way to increase traffic on a website or online store. This will enable any business to benefit from more attention and higher online visibility, both of which will undoubtedly result in increased sales.

Choosing topics

The first step in creating contents in accordance with the data driven copywriting model is choosing the right topic. A good support in searching is Google Trends;  a tool that gives insight into information and statistics on search trends for key phrases that are currently the most popular in Google. This gives you the ability to of find out what topics are on top web users’ mind.

AnswerThePublic, a tool which provides information in the form of reports on what questions are typed in Google in connection with a given word, can also be a good support.

Keyword selection

The second step is to choose key phrases that will help to boost the article to a high position in Google search results. Developing a list of keywords can be done using tools such as Ahrefs, Senuto or Semstorm.

Content creation

The third step is to start creating optimized content, which can be done with Surfer SEO, for example. It is a tool that allows you to create texts in accordance with SEO practices.

It offers access to a special content editor where keyword saturation is calculated. Phrases are divided into main, secondary and other thematically related to the main topic of the article. The editor itself suggests which keywords should be used in the text so that it meets the requirements of search engine algorithms. Thanks to Surfer SEO, you can also conduct a competition analysis, which is undoubtedly an additional advantage of this tool.


  • The idea of “data driven” refers to performing particular activities in response to data.
  • Texts produced using data-driven techniques are in line with user wants and inquiries.
  • The data driven model relies on the usage of SEO tools for content analysis.

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