Creative adverts – are they effective?

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The advertising industry is quite dynamic, and during the past several years, we have seen some significant developments in this field. Advertising needs to be engaging and original if you want to reach potential clients with your goods or service. Modern technology makes it very simple for your message to get lost among the noise, therefore your promotion approach needs to be properly thought out. What are innovative advertisements, and how should they appear? Read on to find out the answers in this article.

Creative advertising – what is it?

Creative advertising is a message that is memorable and usually breaks the mold.

In this instance, the goal is to demonstrate ingenuity and provide the reader with something wholly unique and different from anything he has previously had the chance to witness before.

The market is currently extremely competitive across all industries, and because so many businesses copy one another, advertising themes are frequently similar and predictable. However, conventional advertising is most definitely insufficient if you want to stand out on the market and attract new clients.

Originality of the message needs to be top-notch,  The commercial needs to be unique and surprising for the audience in order to stick in their memory. Of course, a lot relies on the nature of your company and the products you intend to market. Additionally, you should be aware that not every industry will benefit equally from creative advertising.

Creative advertising rules

Observe these important rules when implementing effective and creative advertising:

  • Show how your product performs in extreme situations.
  • List the advantages of using and the consequences of not using the product.
  • The authenticity of your message must be genuine.
  • Remember that the message must surprise, so it should break the routine.
  • Plan your campaign long term. If your ad appeals to your audience, then you can publish the entire series.
  • Conduct research – use free tools such as Google Trends, Google Analitycs, Search Console to better understand the needs and expectations of your audience.
  • Surprise your audience with the use of modern technology in advertising, choose something that will appeal to your audience.

Is creative advertising effective?

Creative advertisements pays dividends in that they increase the message’s potency in the long run.

When your ad is not very interesting, it will most likely slip through the minds of the readers imperceptibly and they will quickly forget about it. A message that evokes emotions, shocks and captures the heart will certainly make the consumer pay more attention to it.

Creative advertising is undoubtedly a very good investment. By deciding to implement this form of promotion, you can count on:

  • greater effectiveness of the message;
  • greater audience engagement;
  • building brand credibility;
  • more loyal customers;
  • more profits.

Examples of creative ads

A notable example is Coca-cola’s Christmas commercials for Coca-Cola in 2020. The company rolled out an advertisement in 2020 that was created in collaboration with Oscar-nominated New Zealand director Taika Waititi.


The protagonist of the ad is a man who leaves home to start working on a wind farm. When he says goodbye to his family, his daughter hands him a letter addressed to Santa Claus. The man arrives and then realizes that he forgot to send the letter, so he decides to go to the North Pole.

During the journey, he overcomes many difficulties, but ultimately fails to reach his destination. Disappointed, he returns home, then it turns out that the only present the girl wanted was a Christmas spent with her dad.

The ad really touches the heart, what’s more, it makes the viewer reflect.

Of course, this is not the only brand that can boast of really interesting ideas. It is also worth mentioning the great works of Allegro sales platform, which has also introduced mankind to excellent creative advertisements.

In 2022, an interesting advertising film entitled “Letters to Santa” was made, in which the main character is a little boy writing down his Christmas wishes It turns out, however, that these wishes are not for himself, but wishes for his neighbors. The main motto of the ad is: “See what is most important around you”.


  • Creative advertising is a message that is memorable and usually breaks the mold.
  • Creative advertisements are more effective than the usual advertising message, they bring more benefits. In this way, you can gain a group of trusted customers.
  • Implementing creative advertising into your activities translates into greater profits.

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