Chat-GPT and copywriting – can AI create excellent contents like experts?

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Let’s start this article unusually with a joke. Do you know why copywriters always type so long on the keyboard? Because they can’t find the word “end”! This is a joke served by Chat-GPT  – an AI content creation tool that caused a lot of confusion on the global internet towards the end of year 2022. Let’s take a closer look at this tool and see if artificial intelligence can replace an experienced copywriter!

What is Chat-GPT and how does it work?

Chat-GPT is an artificial intelligence system that was created by OpenAI.

Its success is based on contents already published on the internet up until 2021 – based on these contents, it is able to answer questions, generate various types of contents (including articles, stories and even poems), make translations or solve mathematical tasks.

Its advanced language processing algorithms, considerable possibilities and the ability to learn (based on data received from the outside) make it extremely popular.

Chat GPT and copywriting - can AI create excellent content?

Thus, GPT chat has the capacity to produce writings that are meant to closely imitate the assertions of a real person. But can it serve as a copywriter or, as many people have argued, take its place in marketing brands?

Chat-GPT – an imperfect tool

Chat GPT, at first glance may seem like a complete system, has many limitations and imperfections. The first problem is an outdated database. As we mentioned earlier, the AI system is based on content published on the web up until 2021, so it cannot answer questions about current events.

But that’s not all. Here are some of the other problems Chat-GPT is facing in its current development phase.

  • Errors in generated content –  Though Chat GPT writes in English it makes stylistic, punctuation, syntax and even spelling errors, so the content it generates should be carefully checked.
  • Errors in answers – Chat-GPT’s answers to queries contain both calculations and information provided by the algorithmic bot without provision of sources, so relying on its “knowledge” without any verification can prove costly.
  • Not knowing the context – Artificial intelligence is unable to understand the reality that surrounds us. It is based on already published data, which – yes – it can process, but it is not able to take a holistic look at the text it has generated, which may result in various types of mistakes and understatements.
  • No emotion – Chat-GPT is a machine that is supposed to resemble a human. Unfortunately, it will never be one – it does not feel and does not recognize the basic emotions that are so important, for example, in the marketing message. It also has no sense of humor, as we proved at the beginning of this article. 🙂
  • Problems understanding the questions – Users have to use simple messages when using the tool. The more complex the question is, the more likely Chat-GPT will not be able to answer it or will provide incorrect information.

Chat-GPT mistakes

How does Google view Chat-GPT’s content?

Google itself is open to content created by AI, but points out that the quality and usefulness of content play a key role in evaluating websites. It uses advanced systems that allow you to determine the usefulness of content, as well as tools to identify their spam nature. This means that it is able to recognize content created by artificial intelligence.

In practice, therefore, the overuse of texts generated by Chat-GPT can be counterproductive. More information about this can be found here.

How can Chat-GPT support copywriters?

All the limitations of artificial intelligence, although they are a big problem, do not disqualify Chat-GPT as an assistant in content creation.

On the contrary – it can be an extremely useful tool, unless of course you trust it one hundred percent and you will be personally verifying the substantive value of its statements and correct its mistakes.

So what will you use Chat-GPT for?

  • Creating low-quality texts, e.g. back-office texts, which are used to place links and key phrases. Unfortunately, there is a high probability that neither the internet user nor Google will like such content, so it is advised that you publish such with caution.

Chat-GPT low quality content

  • Creating article titles. It’s a great support for people who need inspiration. Chat-GPT does a pretty good job of generating titles, giving you suggestions in seconds.

Chat-GPT-generated titles

  • Quick answers to simple questions. Chat-GPT can replace Google and quickly provide you with quite detailed information on a given topic.

Chat-GPT- answers simple question

  • Creating simple outlines. Artificial intelligence will help you create a text plan and break the creative block.

Chat-GPT writes article outlines

As you can see, the possibilities of Chat-GPT in copywriting are quite large. It can be a great source of inspiration and support in typically “technical” tasks that are an introduction to creating quality contents.

We do not recommend using Chat-GPT  to proofread and correct errors in texts. Although it will partially cope with this task, its “skills” in the field of syntax and punctuation are not at the highest level yet.

Can Chat-GPT replace copywriters?

This is a question that many creators fearing for their future have been asking themselves for several months. First, let’s give the floor to the Chat-GPT:

Chat-GPT can't replace copywriters

Several hours of analysis of the tool’s operation confirmed our belief that Chat-GPT cannot replace an experienced copywriter. Although it efficiently creates simple texts that can be a base for further polishing or a source of links or keywords, it is not able to provide quality, error-free content.

A particular problem is the correctness of the texts – you can see with the naked eye that the tool was created in English and it not proficient in the rules of punctuation or syntax of other languages . The sentences generated by Chat- GPT are generic and devoid of much creativity. This means that creating a specialized blog , that is expected to attract hundreds of potential customers daily, is impossible using Chat-GPT.

An even greater limitation is the lack of understanding of human emotions, needs and problems, including that of the client. Artificial intelligence at the current stage of development will not be able to create a creative product description or slogan that will attract attention and lead to more sales. Here is an example:

Chat-GPT cannot write slogan for copywriting company

Because Chat-GPT is based on what has already been created, it is not able to play with language, juggle words and refer to the language of benefits in the way that an experienced copywriter can. Vagueness, failure to notice current trends or lack of passion, so important in creating marketing content, disqualifies artificial intelligence as a way to build a strong brand or popularity in the digital world.

Out of curiosity, we generated an article with the same title as this article with Chat-GPT. Our attention was drawn to two paragraphs that confirm everything we wrote about above:

Chat-GPT roles and limitations

However, the above words also prove that artificial intelligence can draw the right conclusions and therefore can support the work of a copywriter. However, it is unlikely that it will completely replace it.

Chat GPT is currently in the testing phase and is an open source tool available for free (here). So you can check its capabilities yourself – we recommend doing it, because it’s really great fun!


  • Chat GPT is an artificial intelligence system that answers users’ questions based on content published on the Internet.
  • The tool is not perfect and makes substantive and linguistic errors, and it does not harness the power of emotions and context creating contents.
  • Chat-GPT can be a support tool in the copywriter’s activities, being an inspiration for him or a way to break the creative vein.
  • Using only Chat-GPT to create high-quality content for brand promotion is not recommended.
  • Artificial intelligence, due to the lack of understanding the client’s needs and ignorance of the language of benefits, cannot replace a professional copywriter at the moment.

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