Best copywriter in the market – does anything like that even exist?

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From the very beginning, copywriting is exposed to rapid changes, dynamic development, growing requirements and… the emergence of new specializations, which currently make this profession a very general, almost undefined term. Is it possible to select the best copywriter on the market in such a situation? More on this in the article below!

What copywriting skills are included in the price?

If we wanted to label someone as the ‘ideal copywriter’ today, he or she would have thousands of competencies. Additionally, expectations for content are changing so rapidly that today’s information may be out of date a year from now.

However, in order to approach the topic specifically, let’s move on to the first issue, which is profession per se. Well, the valued skills actually depend on what type of content the writer undertakes:

  • in the case of content writing, the skillful search for reliable information turns out to be crucial
  • in SEO copywriting – knowledge of the latest SEO guidelines.
  • in turn, a sales copywriter must perfectly influence the readers’ emotions
  • and the ghostwriter is the opposite – to feel the emotions of one person who officially writes to the recipients.

Of course, it is possible to know many topics at the same time, but by analyzing the history of copywriting, we can clearly see how the required skills branch out. This means that in a few years there will be no room for diversification – each writer will be a specialist in his field. And the beginning of this state of affairs is visible today.

Okay, but is the best copywriter impossible to define? In terms of knowledge – probably yes, but there are some universal advantages that always have a positive impact on the course of cooperation. We are, of course, talking about soft skills.

Features of the best copywriter

In copywriting, not only great texts are important, but also the entire cooperation built around them.

  • Organization of work, as well as punctuality and quick implementation of corrections, are the features of good copywriters with whom it is worth establishing cooperation.
  • Mutual communication is also very important and depends on the copywriter’s availability and habits. Every person who works remotely and creates custom texts for companies should have a habit of checking their e-mail every day.
  • Knowledge of foreign languages is another feature that significantly expands the capabilities of a copywriter. The best copywriter should not only support companies on the domestic market, but also those that send their offers to the world.

However, there is still a fundamental question about what classification we are talking about and who is the evaluator. A small business owner desires different features in a contractor (e.g. low price per 1000 characters, flexible arrangements) compared to large corporations (e.g. multilingual copywriting, large processing capacity).

For this reason, preparing rankings of the best copywriters will not refer to any objective scale, and the meaning of this task will continue to decrease as writing services develop.


  • It is impossible to determine the most important competences due to the fact that clients have different requirements, expectations and needs regarding texts.
  • Soft skills are extremely useful when working with companies, but for obvious reasons they are not the basis for effective copywriting.
  • It turns out that the best copywriter on the market is a theoretical title that cannot be assigned to a specific person.
  • Due to increasing globalization and the development of copywriting services, we can confidently assume that the chance of receiving the crown will continue to decrease and lose its flavor..

Oghenetega Umolo

I am a creative content writer with exceptional writing skills, research abilities, SEO knowledge, creativity, and adaptability to create engaging, accurate, well-structured written contents across various platforms and formats.

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