Advertising slogans – can a copywriter create good advertising slogans?

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It has long been known that good advertising slogans support businesses. Is a copywriter with talent and experience better at creating them than an advertising agency? Who should be considered first in creating advertising slogans?

Advertising slogans – copywriter instead of an advertising agency?

Commissioning a copywriter to create advertising slogans is a good idea if you do not plan to stay with an advertising agency for a long time and only want a one-off service.

Similarly, you can contact a copywriter if you need various types of marketing and promotional content: the graphic design and the overall concept have already been developed, all you need is the texts. Outsourcing individual parts of the task to professionals in a given field gives you more control over the entire process than in the case of entrusting all stages of work on the project to an advertising agency. What’s more, some copywriting agencies offer not only content writing, but also graphic design.

Advertising agencies also ask copywriters to create advertising slogans. Marketers use copywriting services when they need a large amount of content that they are unable to create on their own.

Copywriting support is also useful for those agencies that specialize primarily in marketing activities and promotional campaigns, and not strictly in writing. Most good advertising agencies either employ a full-time copywriter or establish permanent cooperation with external employees (as part of content outsourcing).

Copywriter – advertising slogans on request

A good copywriter is not only a specialist in the written word, but also in e-marketing and positioning. This means that the advertising slogans he creates are designed comprehensively.

His/her literary talent will ensure that the texts are catchy, play on words, and original, and his SEO knowledge will help adapt the content to browser requirements.

In their everyday work, copywriters use persuasion and the language of benefits, and they also know perfectly well how to use words as a marketing tool. In this respect, they are in no way inferior to, or even superior to, advertising agency employees.

Cooperation with a copywriter can be both ad hoc and permanent. If you are only interested in coming up with attractive advertising slogans, there is no need to expand the scope of orders. This is another advantage of a copywriter over an advertising agency – in the latter it is not always possible to order such a small service, it is usually available in a package and in addition to it you have to buy something else, although this issue obviously depends on the company’s policy.

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