Content outsourcing or full-time copywriter? Which option to choose?

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With the growing power of content marketing, more and more companies need professional content. However, the question arises as to what form of cooperation will be most beneficial. Is it better to hire a copywriter or is it worth outsourcing your content? We will answer this question in the following article.

Content outsourcing

Content outsourcing consists of using the services of an external copywriter who creates texts at the company’s request.

In this case, the most common form of settlement is a VAT invoice, issued for a specific order or on a monthly basis.

The advantage of this form of cooperation is the close adjustment of the rate to the company’s needs.  In other words, you pay only for what you require. This is a great solution for smaller companies, where two articles a week require a small financial outlay. When hiring a copywriter on a permanent basis, you must take into account that the salary for the work performed will be much higher for him.

Thus, content outsourcing allows you to smoothly regulate your budget. Do you spend N 10,00 on articles? Good – talk to the online copywriter of your choice, how much content you will receive in exchange for this amount. Your company is having a weaker month and you need to drastically cut expenses? No problem, all you need is to abstain from copywriting services for a few weeks.

For obvious reasons, in the case of a full-time copywriter, the matter is not so simple. You have to pay a salary for each month, regardless of whether you have temporary financial problems or you just didn’t need the content.

Full-time copywriter

Taking a closer look at larger companies, the matter changes dramatically. A permanent copywriter is the best solution to create numerous content – calculated – for small amounts. If your company needs extensive content for marketing purposes for a long time, a full-time copywriter is the perfect solution to the problem.

In addition, looking beyond the financial perspective, a man on site always has additional advantages.

A full-time copywriter knows exactly what content the company needs, efficiently implements new orders, and also develops a durable writing style in the company.

What’s more, it is an integral part of marketing communication, making it easier for the team to implement the planned sales strategies. Constant contact, and thus quick corrections, is another advantage of this form of cooperation.


  1. Content outsourcing is a highly autonomous solution, because it is easy to adjust orders and expenses to the current needs of the company. For this reason, it is a good choice for smaller businesses, where development requires dynamic actions and business decisions.
  2. In turn, full-time work allows for the efficient functioning of the entire marketing department and the implementation of extensive content for small amounts. This is certainly a better solution for established, larger enterprises.
  3. It is worth noting that these are just rules, filled with many exceptions. Content outsourcing also allows you to create numerous texts, and a full-time job does not have to mean good interpersonal communication and low rates.
  4. Ultimately, the best choice of a copywriter comes down to individual arrangements and practical cooperation.

Oluniyi Akande

I'm an AI/SEO copywriter and editor. With over 6 years of professional content writing experience, I've written fresh contents, revamped existing contents, and edited lots of AI-generated contents to drive traffic and sell products across the world. When I'm not working, I love to drive, swim, and watch movies.

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