Content writers – who are they and what do they do?

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The content writer profession is a relatively new profession in Nigeria. Based on the foregoing, it is important to highlight and understand the competencies of a copywriter, who the best candidates are, and how they differ from other writing-related professions.

Who is a content writer?

As the name implies:

A content writer is a person who writes topical contents to promote a person, organization, product or service, as well as improve SEO performances and increases prospective customers’ trust and engagement.


The content writer line of work is the same as that of the copywriter.

Content writers’ texts are packed full of expert knowledge that are frequently supported by academic and scientific research.

Written contents by content writers are trustworthy, informative, and grammatically perfect. There is, in essence, no better candidate for writing excellent blog articles than a professional content writer.

How to become a content writer

As far as content writing profession is concerned, there are no strict regulatory requirements to become a content writer.

Searching for bachelor’s degree programs that offer admission in that area is similarly fruitless. However, there are two prerequisites that must be fulfilled in order to qualify as a content writer:

  • wordsmithing – being very good with use of words
  • gaining expertise in the content writing industry

You can only produce specialized articles that are clear and straightforward for the readers by combining the above-stated qualities in a synergistic way.

Interestingly, there is no ‘title’ for a content writer and probably never will be – mainly because this job involves effective information retrieval.

It is the responsibility of the content writer to turn specialized information into user-friendly text.

So, even if market demands produce fresh needs in this industry, it will still remain impossible to learn those abilities in a classroom or university settings.

Content writers’ texts are packed full of expert knowledge that are frequently supported by academic and scientific research.

Content writer – benefits

It’s important to first of all discuss the history of the requirement for content writers in order for you to understand what advantages high-quality content offers.

Around 3500 B.C., Sumerian society—an ancient people from southern Mesopotamia—found the first evidence of writing. Their writings were only proprietary rights and straightforward accounting procedures; neither were they lovely poems nor wise sayings. Up until the first incunabula and the widespread use of printing, there was a severe lack of writing. The scientific revolution was the turning point in this time, which began 500 years ago. Since then, there has been an exponential increase in the volume of information that we are currently dealing with.

Overtime, many things evolved; and for the first time in history, there is an abundance of information rather than a shortage. We have had to discriminate between important information and “chaff from grain” for many years. It has to do with the fact that creating lengthy texts is no longer a sign of success in today’s society if they are not of the greatest caliber. Search engines disregard mediocre material since it does not appeal to a larger audience. On the other hand, readers choose original texts that are clear and helpful to them. The topics covered here are more specialized and focused in order to increase website traffic by utilizing long tail keyphrases.

At this stage, the content writer definitely have work to do to manage the situation; perhaps their most well-known task is to ‘ create and re-create’ subject information in a way that is understandable and advantageous to lay men  in many ways, such as:

Boost SEO outcomes

One statement sums up the current Google algorithms – helpful content equals valuable content. The days of cleverly using key phrases to trick search engines are long gone. These days, content must simply be good; there’s no more fooling search engines.


Answer the following straightforward question sincerely to concretely demonstrate this problem: Which 10 articles did I recently read? Which websites did I recently visit?

Websites that are just filled with invasive advertising slogans are rarely visited despite having many key phrases because they offer no useful information to site visitors. As a result, one excellent article has a bigger impact than ten boring ones. So simple and easy to understand.

Grow customers’ trust

A business that shares useful content with its customers is unquestionably perceived as more trustworthy than its rivals. Customers view this display of care as demonstration of having high caliber of goods or service on offer.

This is especially crucial nowadays, when clients value a trustworthy approach and the rapidly expanding service industry supports this tendency. As a component of ghostwriting, content writers offer significant advantages in this regard, particularly to ‘intellectual’ industries.

Not everyone has the ability to express their knowledge clearly in words, which is why the content writer profession is so important. For the purpose of producing excellent articles (of course anonymously), content writers meticulously research their sources. So, it makes sense to writing job to a competent copywriter for three reasons: attractiveness, understandability, and SEO structure.

A business that shares useful content with its customers is unquestionably perceived as more trustworthy than its rivals.

Boost sales revenue

To put it plainly, people invest resources in content writers in order to help them sell more. Like any other example or method of investing in future outcomes, it stands out for its exceptional consistency and long-term outlook.

A content writer opens the path to higher positions in Google rankings and organic traffic in accordance with the tenet “quality defends itself.” The value provided to potential clients also has a greater impact, strengthening the company’s position and setting it apart from the competition. The laborious efforts put forth by the content writer, who presents specialist information in an engaging manner, ultimately result in increased sales.

Who needs a content writer?

Having a content writer on your team guarantees some specific benefits for businesses that know what they are doing. However, every sector of business that introduces itself to the customer in an educational manner will surely reap bountiful rewards in no time.

Since the market is so unpredictable, it should not be determined for whom article writing will be an excellent and practical option. Although we are aware that it is unlikely to benefit grocery stores or funeral homes.

Significant content is often a universal solution that meets customer wants and enhances a company’s reputation. Therefore, each business owner should go into their own organization and do an internal profit and loss account. However, it is advisable to consider competitors’ tactics and the present state of content marketing when making decision on whether you need the services of a content writer or not.

Content writer or copywriter – which should you hire?

The market is defining more and more distinctions between content writers and copywriters, even though we cannot rely on exact definitions.

While copywriters provide slogans, easy blog posts, and sales texts, content writers implement real written materials.

There is no easy solution when it comes to marketing activities, but we can count on the copywriter to deliver results faster owing to less expensive advertising campaigns and attention-grabbing sales copy. In contrast, the actions of content writers are based on long-term consequences, such as White Hat SEO and image building.

We want to emphasize once more time that it is impossible to clearly identify a special badge for a person who professionally creates content as part of content writing owing to the lack of legal criteria. Definitions are merely a pre-made template and a figment of our mind, regardless of how we choose to view them. In actuality, we only interact with those who have the necessary skills and experience. Even two content writers are not exactly alike.

What qualities should I put into consideration when hiring a content writer?

An objective attitude to the created topic and the capacity to quickly find trustworthy material are traits of a good content writer. Language accuracy and SEO knowledge are necessary and advised.

When examining a prospective content writer’s portfolio, be on the lookout for the following competencies:

  1. are his/her contents lucid and enticing to the reader and user (or is it merely rewritten from Wikipedia);
  2.  are the articles of high substantial worth (or are they just smoke and mirrors);
  3. any grammatical mistakes (if there such in the portfolio,  then be rest assured that they will be included in your ordered content as well);
  4. the use of trustworthy sources; and whether the text is a compilation of the author’s opinions.

Naturally, from a practical standpoint, the execution time should be considered too (it cannot be too long, but too quick is not desired either, as it raises suspicions of plagiarism or fraud), as well as the potential for providing an invoice.

When it comes to market rates for 1,000 characters, including spaces, you must be ready to accept that great work demands good compensation, and specialized pieces are among the most expensive types of content because they require the most thorough research. For 1,000 characters with spaces, the standard price might be as high as N75,000. However, as we already discussed, one strong article has the potential to offer more advantages than a blog with numerous posts that are less useful to site visitors.

Content writer - FAQ

Below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about content writing:

Who is a content writer?

A content writer is a person that possess the skills and ability to create highly specialized articles from particular sectors of virtually any industry.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional content writer?

Expert content enhances SEO outcomes and enhances your reputation. The result is increased website traffic and branding, which is a recipe for sales.

Can I become a content writer?

Yes, you can become a content writer.  No degree is needed to work as a content writer. The only prerequisites are excellent writing and research abilities.

How much should content writer be paid?

The cost varies depending on the writer’s skill and experience, but it often ranges from N30, 000 to N60,000 net for 1,000 characters with spaces.

Is hiring the services of a professional content writer really worth it?

The decision to invest in hiring the services of a professional content writer depends on the specific circumstances of the business. Professional content has numerous advantages for Internet marketing, but it also has costs.


1. Content writers are vital part and parcel of online content management. Content writers produce authoritative, well-written articles that boost sales through SEO and brand growth.

2, It should be kept in mind that the general marketing trend is encouraging corporate policy based on delivering relevant information to potential clients, even though it typically takes time to see the first effects.

3. Because of this, adding content writers to your team might have a significant positive impact on your bottom line.

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