What is an advertising slogan and how to create it?

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An advertising slogan is an effective marketing tool, as long as it is well thought out and unique. It significantly facilitates building brand recognition, so it is worth taking care of a professional slogan. From this article you will learn what an effective advertising slogan is and what guidelines to follow when creating it.

What is an advertising slogan?

An advertising slogan is a short slogan identified with a brand. It is aimed at strengthening the company’s identification among consumers.

It is characterized by a concise structure and ingenious content, which has one basic task – to permanently enter the readers’ memory. Advertising slogans are created due to the fact that people remember specific phrases very well, efficiently associating the message with the sender.

As a consequence, readers associate the brand with that sloagan, which is a big step towards preferring transactions with it among numerous competitors. However, to achieve the desired effect, the slogan must be appropriate. So let’s check how to create an advertising slogan.

An effective advertising slogan has one basic task – to permanently enter the memory of the readers.

Creating an effective advertising slogan – rules

As we have already mentioned, the slogan must be concise and original in order to be remembered by the recipients. The content should reflect the nature of the brand and provide initial information about the company’s activities.

Interestingly, the advertising slogan has changed its specificity in recent years. More and more often, keywords for SEO are created that contain the keyword for which the page is positioned. After all, we can create a slogan in three ways.

Informative slogans

This is currently the most popular type due to its practical nature that fits into the principles of SEO. In addition, it does not require much creativity, because we do not have a large field to choose from.


Examples of informative slogans include: “Cleaning24 – professional window cleaners” or “HairStylist24/7 – The Lagos hairdresser always at your service“.

Such slogans will work for small local businesses, but are not suitable for enterprises that intend to run a large-scale campaign building recognition in the national market.

Ingenious slogans

This type of tagline is a great way to get into the minds of consumers. Although it does not carry too much information about the company, it forces the readers and listeners to think processes that arouse understanding and lasting association with the brand. As in the case of informative slogans, they do not have to be original, but sometimes there are real pearls.


Examples of clever slogans include “HealthThings – Your life, your choice” or the slightly more original “FitChef – Meals that taste good and nourish the body!

The last example shows that nothing stands in the way of combining an ingenious slogan with an informative character. Such a synergistic mix creates the most effective slogans for most companies.

Rhythmic slogans

Rhythmic slogans are very rare types of slogans that requires a lot of creativity and vocal support. It is used only by the largest companies that use TV or radio promotions. Although several conditions must be met, the effects are deadly effective.


One of the most famous rhythmic slogans is “A longer life for any washing machine is Calgon!

For those who don’t know, Calgon is a water softener that prevents limescale build-up in washing machines thereby protecting the heating element, pipes and drum of the machine from hard water damage.

Whenever we encounter similar slogans, we keep repeating them to the rhythm imposed by the advertisement. Music is the best way to remember the content and this fact explains why young people cannot learn for a quiz, but they know the lyrics of top songs perfectly.

Remember that there is no ready recipe for an advertising slogan. A creative slogan is always setting a new path, so copying previous solutions is not an option. Of course, it is worth getting acquainted with various slogans for additional inspiration, but ultimately the content must be individually tailored to the nature of the company.


  1. What is an advertising slogan – we all know. But how to create an effective one in practice is a matter of creativity and brainstorming, which may require one getting inspiration from many original great ones.
  2. Advertising slogans are characterized by a concise and attractive form, which aims to build brand recognition among recipients.
  3. While some slogans are more practical and others more imaginative, ideal slogans are closely related to the nature of the company, the promotion channel, and investment potential.

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Advertising slogans

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