Copywriting and studies – what academic course should a copywriter study?

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Copywriting is a profession that is still gaining in importance, but the academic path is not clearly defined so far. The school of marketing on the Internet has made many companies buy professional contents. No wonder that young people want to prepare themselves for this profession as best as possible. In the following article, we take a closer look at the issue of what studies a copywriter should graduate from.

Copywriting studies

The provision of copywriting services does not require the completion of a specific field of academic study.

The lack of a solid legal foundation means that anyone can call themselves a copywriter. However, in order to produce content at the highest level, some fields of study can be very helpful.


Regardless of which language we intend to write professional texts in, philology will prepare us for it best. The basic basis of this science is language and literature, which enables graduates to develop full linguistic correctness and to freely build complex sentences.

Having such a stable foundation, the work of a copywriter runs more efficiently and also allows you to create more professional content. Philology is a great solution for creative people, because it introduces the “light pen” into a state of weightlessness.

In order to produce content at the highest level, some fields of study can be very helpful.

Thematic directions

It may come as a surprise to many, but studies in a specific, strict industry are extremely valuable for a copywriter. The demand for thematic writers, called content writers, is increasing to an increasing extent. Such a person must have extensive knowledge in a narrow field to create reliable and valuable texts. If someone has a light pen and studies mechatronics, they can successfully write expert articles on machine construction or electronic systems.

On the other hand, we have more and more information available on the Internet, so we can develop great articles by doing topical research. Nevertheless, we want to make you aware that working with text is not reserved only for philology graduates, because copywriting can be used even when studying exact sciences.


Which field of study to choose?

So there is no ready answer to what studies a copywriter should graduate from. Choosing the right direction depends on what content we want to implement. The market needs both sales content and professional expert articles.

A large part of the knowledge of a copywriter is acquired during the practice of the profession. Marketing innovations, dynamic demand for specific types of texts and updates of SEO algorithms are issues that cannot be implemented in the canon of higher education. For this reason, we deliberately did not list the marketing directions due to the fact that knowledge is often outdated.

Assimilating the rules that increase the effects of texts does not require several years of study. Thematic competences and philology are undoubtedly the most valuable studies that create professional copywriting on our market.

It is worth noting once again that a copywriter constantly processes a large amount of information, so each subsequent text becomes better and better with increasing experience. Practice makes perfect – this is a maxim that fits perfectly into the profession of copywriting.


  1. To provide effective copywriting services, specific academic qualifications are not required.
  2. Nevertheless, philology and thematic majors are two solutions that build a solid basis for the profession of a copywriter.
  3. Equally important is experience and continuous acquisition of knowledge outside the walls of the university.
  4. The goal of a copywriter is to create professional content, so regardless of whether he chooses studies, an internship or his own business – the effectiveness of the texts ultimately comes down to what he has in his head, not on paper.

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