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Copywriter Apprenticeship

Do you dream about working from home, producing helpful marketing materials each day, conducting information analysis, and making money all at the same time? Although this is undoubtedly a wonderful dream, achieving it is accompanied by acquiring strong copywriting skills.

We’re here to help you in acquiring those skills you need! You’ll learn this skill by working with us on big projects for reputable businesses from around the world every day as a member of a team of seasoned copywriters, proofreaders, and translators. Send us an application if you wish to complete a remote copywriting apprenticeship and eventually work for our business.

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Copywriter – remote apprenticeship

The apprenticeship program offered by Content Writer Copywriting Agency will help you get ready for a career in copywriting.

You will learn all there is to know about copywriting throughout this one and only strictly individualized curriculum.

You will learn:

  • how to create persuasive business texts;
  • ways to make material SEO-friendly;
  • which marketing strategies ought to be employed.

Our offer

We provide a variety of chances as an established copywriting firm.

You will profit greatly from your time spent in our apprenticeship which will compensate for many years of independent study and writing.

Practical tips and tricks

Experienced copywriters will review and analyze your contents and point out areas you need to improve.

Customized training materials

You can use our proprietary materials to have access to a sound theoretical foundation.

Grow your portfolio

Every article you produce while on copywriter apprenticeship with us adds another “building block” to your portfolio.

Certificate of completion

We issue you with a certificate at the conclusion of your apprenticeship that verifies and summarizes your progress.


Copywriter apprenticeships – why is it worth your time?

The advent of online marketing initiatives is largely responsible for the growth of the copywriting sector.

By acquiring skills in this profession, you will be able to:

  • Boost websites positioning
  • create positive brand images
  • and increase sales.

These are incredibly desirable skills that are necessary for successful business promotion.

What will you gain by choosing our

Copywriter apprenticeship program

Massive support

Our instructors will review and examine your work, identify any errors you made, and make expert alternative suggestions.

Learning materials

You will receive our original materials to assist you in producing high-quality content.

Unparalleled experience

Your will be able to grow you portfolio with our industry experience. A specific apprenticeship completion certificate will also be given to you.

Copywriter apprenticeship – what you should know before enrolling

Please take note of the following concerns in order to effectively be at breast with requirements with the apprenticeship program:

  • SEO and marketing knowledge – we advise you read our copywriting blog frequently and put the theories into practice after learning them.
  • Knowledge of language rules – the time spent in the apprenticeship is for learning. However, you will learn a lot more if you can construct simple sentences the right way.
  • Time management – in order to transfer as many skills as possible, you will perform a variety of tasks. Therefore, devotion and availability are heavily required.

Skills you will acquire

Copywriter apprenticeship

Content creation

You’ll learn how to create persuasive marketing copies that persuades readers to make purchases.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

You will learn how to optimize your contents for Google and other search engines and how to increase web visibility.

Keywords selection

You will be taught how to choose keywords that will enhance the positioning of your contents.

Copywriter apprenticeship - enrollment details

Internship fee: 50,000 ₦ net

This fee covers your individual apprenticeship with largest copywriting agency in the world; Content Writer


Training duration: 90 hours

We will train you for the role of a copywriter during this period of time.

Mode of learning: remote

You will start and complete your apprenticeship remotely online, much like in your future copywriting career.


Copywriter internships frequently asked questions and answers

Below, we present details related to the course of copywriting apprenticeships.

Who can take part in apprenticeships?

Our offer is addressed to anybody who want to develop in this profession.

Anyone who wants to learn language and work as copywriter can submit an application.


How long do copywriting apprenticeship take?

The duration of the internship is 90 hours – we assume that during this period you will create 12 different contents.

The specific time in which you complete the internship depends solely on your commitment. Don’t worry, we don’t impose any time limits – you can complete your internship at a time convenient for you.

I have just submitted my declaration – what next?

Your individual apprenticeship tutor will contact you during 24 hours.

Based on your skills, we will select training materials and tasks thanks to which your apprenticeship will be the most fruitful for you.

Is there any chance for the further cooperation?

Of course. This is the whole point of the organized apprenticeships – that is how we expand our staff and how we invite new people to work with us. In the same time, we maintain high standard of the texts we create.

We want to create texts of the highest quality, which is why we employ specialized and experienced people who have undergone apprenticeship with us. We are aware that copywriting is a modern industry in which useful and practical knowledge is hard to gain. Although, we must not allow our clients to become training facility. Therefore, the first-rate opportunity to gain copywriting skills is our proprietary curriculum, thanks to which you will start working and developing your writing skills.

What exactly does the course of apprenticeships include?

Our copywriting apprenticeship are strictly individual, however, the whole process of learning is based on two fields: theory and practice.

If it comes to theory, we will provide you with the original books and training materials that we have collected over the years of experience. These include tips and tricks, for example on how to choose the type of writing for a specific group of readers and recipients. This information is the basis of our copywriters’ actions.

The main body of the practise is creating texts on a given topic. You will learn the guidelines for the order which have been sent by a customer. On this basis, you will write content, which we will check later. We will also send you a constructive comments and advices. We know from our experience that it is the fastest method of learning in this profession.

We will publish the corrected and optimized content on friendly websites. Thanks to this, you will have texts in your portfolio posted on portals from various branch of industry. We not only teach the profession, but also create the basis for your promotion as a professional copywriter in future.

Why is it worth doing

Apprenticeship in Content Writer

Industry experience

We apply exclusive organizational and technological solutions to improve the quality of our training materials.

Constant growth

We are the biggest copywriting company in the industry. We provide the option of developing additional cooperation with us after the internship is over.

Personalized approach

Our committed apprentice tutor will get in touch with you. Your tutor will choose tasks for you based on your abilities and expectations.

Steps involved in CW copywriting apprenticeship

To learn the secrets of copywriting, follow these three steps:


Indicate interest

Sign up for the copywriting apprenticeship. Your tutor will contact you shortly after.


Professional mentorship

Finish the customized program we have created for you.


Completion of apprenticeship

Get a credential from an authorized content writer, then start writing and get paid for it.

They talk about us

Satisfied apprentices

My adventure with Content Writer started with student internships. From the beginning, the agency made a good impression on me. The subsequent stages of our cooperation only confirmed that this place allows novice copywriters to spread their wings and prove themselves in a variety of tasks. A friendly attitude to the employee, clear guidelines for each order and efficient communication make the texts a pleasure to create.


Working with Content Writer was definitely a very valuable experience. The practitioner carefully checked the written texts and gave valuable tips. Thanks to this, each subsequent content was on a higher and higher level. It is also worth adding that at the end of the internship, you receive a certificate, which is a direct document confirming the skills acquired during the internship.


Without leaving my home, I was able to professionally complete my copywriting practice, which opened the way for me to develop myself and my passion. I was getting quick feedback along with valuable tips for the future. Thanks to this, I was able to refine my writing technique and acquire new skills in a short time, and what is important to me – at convenient times.


I had dreamed of being a copywriter for a long time, but I lacked factual knowledge and skills. I was looking for various development opportunities and found Content Writer. During a few weeks of internship, I learned all the secrets of copywriting, I learned how to write so that others would like to read and buy. I gained valuable experience, and further cooperation helped me develop and train my writing skills.


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