Where can a beginner copywriter look for jobs?

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A novice copywriter does not have it easy when choosing his path – the lack of experience and entries in the portfolio makes the principals reluctant to look at debuting writers. However, there are several solutions to properly develop your career and expand your competences, and at the same time – receive more valuable assignments.

Beginner copywriter – where to look for a job?

The growing number of copywriters on the market has made it difficult to earn decent money and work intensively from the very beginning. The pool of commissions is full and it can be extremely difficult to take up the fight with other writers.

Copywriting platforms

Therefore, at the beginning, it is a good choice to use the services of copywriting platforms.

Although the rate per 1000 characters is small, the number of orders makes it an ideal testing ground for writers without experience. It is here that you can enrich your portfolio, undertake various types of writing projects, and write for many industries.

Such experience will allow you to improve your language skills, and also teach you to search for professional information, which is necessary for more demanding orders.

Social media

Another alternative where you can simultaneously look for a job is social networking sites.

Copywriting groups on Facebook enjoy a lot of activity, although you should pay attention to the numerous competition.

However, getting orders is not impossible. People who offer high quality contents at a relatively low price usually win. For this reason, you need to balance the proposed terms and make sure that you present the solution that the client is looking for.

Even if you have no experience, if you convince the client of your commitment and knowledge of the subject, and present a favorable offer – you can start to gather a group of regular customers. Browsing social media groups is free, so why not give it a try?

Advertising portals

Also pay attention to sites such as OLX or Oferia. Listings are free or require a small fee, and thanks to them you will reach interested people. Remember that such websites usually do not look for experienced specialists or agencies, so you can take advantage of this – describe your previous experience, processing capacity, and convince potential customers of your individual approach, constant contact, etc.

Very often, users are looking for “intimate” contractors who will be partners for cooperation. It will not be a big investment for you, and perhaps you will gain a client on more satisfactory financial terms. After all, this is the basic advantage of advertisements – there are only you and the principal, no one else interferes in the conversation with a better offer.

Agency websites

However, if you decided that you do not want to fight for clients as a freelancer, you can apply to a company that is looking for a copywriter. Growing companies often offer jobs with development and training opportunities, which will enable you to return to work on your own more lucratively in the future.

In this case, it is worth looking not only at popular portals, but also at agency websites that sometimes publish a tab related to recruitment, presenting their conditions there. This solution will allow you to apply without huge competition from the side, and in addition you can get to know the company and its values better. One thing is for sure – working full-time as a beginner copywriter will certainly give you a lot of experience that you can use in the future in many different ways.

Check what are the most interesting websites for copywriters to gain knowledge in this industry!

How long will a novice copywriter be referred to as a beginner copywriter?

Well, the answer depends on many factors, the main one being your learning pace. There are many writers who, despite their long experience, make – colloquially speaking – stupid mistakes, and there are also novice copywriters who, after a few orders, churn our high level contents.

Ultimately, it all comes down to your skills, so with a job well done, you can count on a quick promotion opportunity or gaining regular, satisfied contractors. Remember that there are many copywriters, but there are few perfect writers. Therefore, if you feel like writing, test yourself on the “battlefield”, write a lot and offer your services with many options, and your efforts will certainly be rewarded with interesting, lucrative assignments!

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I am a creative & seasoned writer who has an internationally recognized flair for weaving keywords to produce engaging and informative content. I believe that written and analytical skills are fundamental to a website's success and possess top-notch prowess in Search Engine Optimization(SEO), WordPress, and Google Analytics and how they apply to content creation. In addition to being a successful writer on Upwork, I also hold various certifications from respected platforms(like Udemy and Coursera) so you can be confident in working with a professional Web Content Writer and Copywriter.

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