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Traditional forms of advertising are still giving way to promotion on the Internet. However, this does not change the fact that the leaflet is still a cheap and effective solution to reach a large group of recipients near the company. When deciding on such an investment, you should take care of professional content. In the following article, we will discuss how to write effective texts for an advertising leaflet.

Texts for the leaflet – rules

Of course, we include the texts on the leaflets as sales content. This means that they are written in the language of benefits, informing recipients about the benefits of the purchase. In addition, they are characterized by a light and attractive form, the purpose of which is to attract attention.

Let’s not kid ourselves – the prevalence of leaflets meant that most people immediately threw them into the trash. For this reason, the content must be original and imaginative to hold the attention of the audience.

So let’s discuss the rules on how to write texts for a flyer.

Enlarge and bold the most important information

Most people only read a leaflet for the first few seconds before they lose interest. Make sure the message is clear, so that the subject of the leaflet is understandable even after “taking a look”. A homogeneous block of text is a big mistake, because people react much more often according to the “figure-background” scheme. Remember to always highlight the most important words!

Address the recipient directly

Get down straight to letting your readers know what the benefits of taking advantage of your offer will be.

The content must be original and imaginative to hold the audience’s attention.

Call to action

The obvious point is that the leaflet not only informs, but also encourages. Therefore, call-to-action phrases such as “Come”, “Contact us”, etc. can be helpful. Although it sounds trivial, this practice significantly increases the effectiveness of sales content.

Write in plain language

Although the artistic formulations may seem ambitious, when it comes to the texts for the leaflet, we focus on maximum simplicity. The content is aimed at a large audience, and people usually don’t like to strain their brains unnecessarily. Remember that in the first place we fight for a few seconds of attention, not for respect for the construction of sentences and rich vocabulary.

Take care of typos

No one pays attention to the correct form, but linguistic errors immediately catch the eye, discrediting the company. The texts for the leaflet do not require extensive content, so additional proofreading will not take much time and will eliminate any typos.

Please note that the leaflet is given to everyone. So if we want effective content, it needs to be accessible to everyone. Therefore, simplicity, the language of benefits and extracting the most important information are copywriting techniques that work for the general population. Equally important is the graphic design, which should be in harmony with the content, exposing key information.


  1. Texts for a leaflet are sales content that present an offer to numerous, unspecified readers in an attractive way.
  2. For this reason, information must be clear, simple and interesting to attract the attention of as many people as possible.
  3. Although flyers are losing their popularity, they can still be an effective marketing tool.
  4. Professional content is a key element that determines the sales potential of such advertising materials.

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