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Content marketing is a tool with many possibilities. His intention is to increase sales, but there are many paths to this goal. Therefore, in the article below, we will present an example of the use of content marketing.

What is content marketing?

Contents (content) is any content placed on the website. In turn, content marketing are those activities that increase a company’s bottom-line with the help of contents.

Why is it so important? Because it brings many beneficial effects:

  • increase in positioning
  • improving website visibility
  • increasing the number of potential customers
  • building an expert brand image
  • increased sales of services/products

So let’s discuss examples that will help you apply content marketing in your company.

Content marketing – examples

Operations will be different for each company. This is due to:

  • company size,
  • industry,
  • individually chosen strategy,
  • target group and competitor activities.

Therefore, there is no single method that will provide results for all concerned. The key to success is the selection of measures adequate to the situation, which is why we will present various examples of content marketing according to the above-mentioned criteria.

Example 1 – local plumbing services

Anthony is a plumber and would like to start promoting via the Internet. Unfortunately, seeing that the top 10 in Google is occupied by large companies (Oferteo, Fixly, OLX) he doubted the sense of e-marketing. However, he decided to consult a content marketing agency, which proposed the right solution – blog articles using long tail phrases.

Thanks to this strategy, Anthony was not doomed to fight for top phrases, such as “hydraulic services”. Instead, the agency started positioning for long phrases, such as “how to fix a leaky faucet at home.” Although there were not many searches, the site quickly ranked at the top of Google, attracting interested customers who are very likely to have a plumbing problem.

Conclusion: You don’t have to be a “big player” to reap the benefits of content marketing. A reasonable, individual strategy (in this example blog articles with long keywords) is enough to select activities that will translate into profits for the company.

Example 2 – online store with antivirus programs

The company in question sells anti-virus software. Due to the growing competition, they decided to refresh the content on their website. Fortunately, there were not many products, so they ordered professional product descriptions for a small price.

The result turned out to be better than intended – the store not only began to generate more traffic on the website, but also recorded a higher conversion. The effectiveness of the offer improved because attractive descriptions were more persuasive to the audience.

Conclusions: a shop with a small assortment should pay special attention to the quality of its products and and/or services. In this case, professional content does not cost much and provides measurable business benefits. This also applies to smaller websites that contain several offer subpages.

Example 3 – law firm

A large law firm, which is the main character of the third example of content marketing, is already popular and visible on Google. Therefore, she would like to increase the prices of her services, but she is afraid that customers will leave.

The solution proposed by the content marketing agency it engaged for this purpose are expert articles that build a professional brand image. An alternative solution was a thematic e-book, but the owner decided that he would not enjoy a large readership in this industry.

In connection with the developed strategy, the copywriters started the implementation of quality content. After only a few months, the law firm enjoyed even greater interest, and clients were willing to pay more for the services. This was indirectly due to the articles that created the impression of a competent and helpful company.

Conclusion: Larger companies do not have to rely solely on positioning or creating an attractive offer. At this stage, the perception of the brand is equally important, so it is worth considering content marketing, which has a large image impact.


  • We listed various examples of the use of content marketing.
  • As you can see, it is very flexible, so it will look different for each company.
  • Hence, the choice of the optimal solution is strictly individual.

Oluniyi Akande

I'm an AI/SEO copywriter and editor. With over 6 years of professional content writing experience, I've written fresh contents, revamped existing contents, and edited lots of AI-generated contents to drive traffic and sell products across the world. When I'm not working, I love to drive, swim, and watch movies.

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