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Every day we receive countless messages in our mailboxes, and many of them remain unread. Some we treat as spam, but there are also those that we look forward to. E-mail marketing, because we are talking about it, is an extremely fast-growing form of direct marketing that uses e-mail to communicate with customers. In this article, you will learn what email marketing is and how to use it to make money online.

What is email marketing?

As the name suggests, email marketing is based on the messages we receive in our mailboxes on certain days.

Nowadays, when most companies move their activities to the Internet, it is definitely worth making friends with methods that will allow us to gain new customers in an accessible way and maintain good relations with the existing ones.

E-mail marketing has an advantage over other forms of customer contact because it is direct. Thanks to the fact that each e-mail can be (and should!) be created individually, you can inform your customers about current issues in an interesting way. When you do this regularly, customers will begin to identify with you and your company. And from here it’s only a step away from earning your first ‘gold bar’ online.

A few words about how to get started with email marketing

If you have never used e-mail marketing in an active way before, and you were only a passive recipient – it’s time to change it! Your business – both sales activities and personal brand, can only benefit from it. So where to start?

  1. First of all, think about what you care about the most and create an action plan.
  2. Write down a schedule for sending content to clients, thanks to which you will avoid annoying chaos.
  3. Consider what customers you have and which ones you would like to acquire. Focus not only on their age, gender or place of residence. Also consider their interests, work and lifestyle.
  4. Remember to get permission from your customers to receive advertisements from you in the form of e-mails. It’s only after getting this permission that you will be able to act in accordance with the law and achieve the desired results.
  5. Personalize messages and advertising content to make your customer feel special every time. Also, make sure that all messages are consistent, but not boring. This is an art that, once mastered, can make you really big money with email marketing.
  6. CTA – “call to action”, i.e. questions or statements calling for action. By using such phrases at the end of the message, you will guide your readers on what to do next and for what purpose they received your message.

Types of email marketing – which one to choose?

If you’re new to email marketing, you can quickly feel overwhelmed by the plethora of names and related issues. That’s why we come to your aid. There are three types of email marketing:

  • Newsletter – is one of the most popular and most often chosen types of e-mail marketing by creators and business owners. Thanks to it, you are able to quickly establish contact with recipients. And most importantly, it is often a long-term relationship – even many years. Doesn’t that sound beautiful? Thanks to the fact that you send e-mails regularly, the customer will certainly reach for the products you offer more than once.
  • Autoresponder – is a feature that allows you to automatically reply to the sender’s message. After receiving an e-mail, the autoresponder sends feedback with a predetermined content, e.g. “Thank you for contacting us. We will respond as soon as possible.”
  • Sales catalogs – this is an ideal option for people and companies that focus on selling specific products. E-mail marketing in the form of catalogs will allow your customers to familiarize themselves with the products in advance and choose the perfect one for them.

Regardless of which form of email marketing appeals to you the most, it is definitely worth starting to use it.

Thanks to email marketing, you will be able to build lasting and long-term relationships with customers and present your products to them in an accessible way.

Make sure that emails sent to customers are unique. It is best that they carry a breath of fresh air and stand out from the competition. Your emails should give prospects the feeling that it is worth reading an e-mail from you on a given day for coffee.


  • Email marketing is based on the messages we receive in our mailboxes on certain days.
  • This marketing method helps to build lasting and long-term relationships with customers and present your products to them in an accessible way.
  • We can easily classify email marketing into 3 categories: newsletter, autoresponder and sales catalogues.

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