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Every company that conducts content marketing activities does not want to spend time and effort in vain. What matters is the results, and for this purpose, work should be carried out reasonably and in a planned manner. One of the elements of the strategy is, of course, the frequency of publishing articles on the company’s blog. However, in practice – how often should you post articles on your blog to record optimal benefits? Find out answers in this article.

The frequency of publishing articles on the blog

Today it is widely known that the work put into the texts is only a component that does not ensure business success alone. Entrepreneurs resort to various content marketing ideas and strategies to maximize the scale of the effect that texts can have. Of course, it’s about organic traffic, and thus attracting potential customers and increasing sales.

No wonder that the frequency of posting articles on the blog is judged as one of the factors that affects the benefits obtained in copywriting. After all, one article a day and two articles a month makes a difference, right?

How often should you post articles on your blog?

However, it turns out that there is no clear answer to this question. A much bigger role is played by proper planning of key phrases to create accurate content that will reach the group of interested readers. In other words, topics need to be thought out to generate traffic, and the amount of content is of secondary importance.

However, this does not mean that the frequency of publishing articles is not important. First, we can’t predict exactly which articles for popular keyword phrases will be successful and appear high in search results. So “never too much content” and more means better. Secondly, in most cases, website traffic is generated from various subpages and articles, and long-tail keyword phrases can bring the most valuable users.

In this case, the principle that the quantity affects the effectiveness works, especially in combination with the right keywords and the substantive content of the articles.

How often should you publish blog articles in practice?

Let’s finally transfer the above considerations to numbers – optimally means how much?

Most organizations publish blog articles 4 times a month, about 5,000 characters with spaces per week. This is not enough to dominate the competition with content marketing resources.

The number of articles on the company’s blog usually ranges from a few to several dozen items, so it takes no longer than a few months for the new company to catch up. If your competition has 20 articles per blog and you plan to publish two articles a week, your content resources will be larger after the first trimester!

There is no top-down, fixed amount of articles that will immediately bring marketing benefits. Each text separately generates traffic, and the sum is simply an arsenal that allows you to fight the competition. One article won’t do much – nor will twenty ill-considered ones.

Guidelines for the frequency of publishing blog articles

Although the answer depends on several factors, remember the following rules:

  • Google values regularity – although the final position of the website consists of many previously unknown factors, one of them is probably the current activities on the website. It is good to post entries at regular intervals and do not neglect the company blog.
  • The effectiveness of your content marketing efforts are influenced not only by the number of articles, but also by the activities of your competitors – if other companies in your industry have a strong link profile and publish a lot of content, you will require much more time and work. But don’t worry – in fact, many entrepreneurs neglect copywriting activities, so with diligent work in a short time you can build your position. Research the market and your own resources, and think about your possibilities and activities.
  • Try to excel not only in volume, but also in quality – you should plan the number of articles in a month so as to outperform the competition. As I mentioned, more is practically always better, which is why this is the basic goal that should be set at the beginning. However, in addition, remember ‘quality’ – make sure that your content describes the industry more professionally and comprehensively than other companies, thanks to which you will additionally create an expert image of the company and gain recognition in the eyes of potential customers.
  • Audience Engagement: Consider the preferences and behavior of your target audience. Some audiences may prefer in-depth, long-form content that takes more time to produce, while others might appreciate shorter, more frequent updates.
  • Resources and Capacity: Your available resources, including time, budget, and team members, will influence your publishing frequency. Don’t overcommit and compromise quality due to limitations.
  • Content Type: The type of content you’re creating matters. Long-form articles, in-depth guides, research papers, and similar content might take more time to produce and may not be suitable for high-frequency publishing. On the other hand, news, trends, and shorter pieces could allow for more frequent publication.
  • Experimentation: There’s no set formula for success. Consider experimenting with different publishing frequencies and measuring the impact on audience engagement, traffic, and other relevant metrics. Analyze the results and adjust accordingly.
  • Evergreen vs. Timely Content: Evergreen content remains relevant over time, while timely content relates to current trends or events. Balancing both types can help maintain a steady flow of traffic while addressing current topics.

How often should you post articles on your blog? The answer depends on the specifics of your industry and the activities of your competitors. Measure your intentions and plan keywords that are often entered in the search engine. And above all: be consistent – articles are accumulated over months and years, not by a single effort.

If you want to entrust the running of the blog to a copywriter, write to us and we will take care of the entire strategy and most importantly – the development of effective articles for your industry!

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