Content marketing vs copywriting – what’s the difference?

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Valuable content is now the basis for attracting customers. But how do you get them? Through copywriting or content marketing? Go to the article and find out the difference!

Copywriting and content marketing

To grasp the difference, let’s first present some definitions.

Content marketing is a set of marketing activities that aim to improve a company’s financial results using specialized content from its industry.

Its indirect methods include increasing positioning (due to publications on external websites and running a blog) and creating an expert brand image (by presenting professional content to potential customers). A common element of content marketing is a thorough analysis of key phrases and specifying the brand of the company.

All these activities mean that – as the name suggests – the company promotes its offer using high-quality contents.

In turn, copywriting is the professional formulation of advertising messages in order to increase sales.

The means to achieve this effect include an individual approach to the recipient group or improving the attractiveness of the text (e.g. by using the language of benefits).

In fact, copywriting is a general term for a wide range of services related to writing – it includes, among others:

What is the difference between content marketing and copywriting?

Now that we know what we’re talking about, we can begin to identify the basic differences between copywriting and content marketing.

Copywriting is an element of content marketing, or rather its tool. It is used to create professional content, including specialized content with high value.

Content marketing, on the other hand, additionally includes strategy and other activities related to content (e.g. agreeing external publications with website owners, competition audit, etc.).

What to choose: content marketing or copywriting?

It is impossible to answer this question simply, because the difference lies in the scope of competences: without copywriting, content marketing would not exist and vice versa.

However, we can point out that large companies will benefit from a more comprehensive approach to content. If you have greater financial possibilities, it is worth performing an individualized selection of key phrases in order to select more precise issues to be developed. Copywriting alone is not enough to rank high in competitive phrases – acquiring links plays an important role here.

However, small companies can successfully invest in the content itself to create a brand image and regularly develop their website. In some cases, even minor content development can have a positive impact on sales growth. Which choice to choose depends on both the budget and the needs of the company.

What is the price of content marketing and copywriting?

If you are still hesitating whether to choose a content marketing or copywriting agency, money may be the main argument for you when planning further investments.

Typically, the cost of running a moderate blog ranges from N100k  – N300k net, depending on the scale of the ordered content. The development of subpages usually involves one-time expenses of N200k – N600k net.

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Content Writer Pricing

In the case of content marketing, in turn, you must add the cost of the audit (N50k -N100k depending on the scope of analysis) and external publications, for which the budget is allocated individually, because there is “no ceiling” here. Large companies invest in off-site positioning even several dozen thousand of naira per month, although one-time publications may cost only a few thousands of naira. Flexibility of activities implies financial flexibility.


We hope that we have sufficiently explained the differences between content marketing and copywriting. The optimal choice depends on many factors, but financial possibilities are the main one. This does not change the fact that investing in content is still one of the best marketing activities in the era of increasing digitalization.

Oluniyi Akande

I'm an AI/SEO copywriter and editor. With over 6 years of professional content writing experience, I've written fresh contents, revamped existing contents, and edited lots of AI-generated contents to drive traffic and sell products across the world. When I'm not working, I love to drive, swim, and watch movies.

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