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These days, the best articles pay off. Content that provides useful information to users is promoted. That is why today we will deal with the issue of how to create quality articles that meet marketing goals.

Quality articles – benefits

Content is king – that’s what Bill Gates said more than 20 years ago. Nothing has changed since then, because quality information is still needed on the Internet. In return, you can receive a number of business benefits. Let’s discuss the most important of them:

Visibility on Google

Quality articles increase positioning – after all, we write content intended for people. Google knows this very well, which is why it displays interesting texts to its users.

Of course, it does so when the content is useful and the website is trusted. When articles show up in the search engine, they drive free traffic to the site.

Brand image

Professional articles build an expert image of the brand. Sharing thematic knowledge is a showcase that proves the quality of the offer.

More sales

The ultimate benefit of quality articles is sales.

Traffic on the website makes it easier to gain potential customers, and building the image affects greater interest in the offer. For this reason, specialized articles, as the basis of inbound marketing, are an effective tool in increasing sales.

How to write quality articles

The two most important features of quality articles are usability and attractiveness.

The first one is measured by the number of visits, and the second – by the time spent on the website.

The article must convey some value to the readers. As a result, it is forwarded and also linked. Without usability, we cannot talk about an effective article, because it will not stay in a high position in Google for long.

On the other hand, an attractive form is important because it gives clear information to search engines whether the article is understandable and interesting.


If the time spent on the page is a few seconds, the content is probably too complicated, which is why the readers quickly give up reading.

This is due to language errors, an excess of professional nomenclature or an inconvenient structure.

In addition to these basics, we will discuss what else to pay attention to when creating expert articles.

Build a structure

When an informative article is full of rich information, they should be put in order, creating a structure for SEO positioning. Basic rules:

  • Clearly isolate the introduction
  • Use paragraphs
  • Add headers
  • Highlight the most important passages and conclusions
  • Include some form of summary of the information so that the reader can organize the acquired knowledge.

Building a clear structure using keywords is one of the most important activities in terms of SEO.

Add sources

A very important element affecting the reliability of the text is the bibliography, which should be placed in the footer. As a result of this, the readers know on what basis you create the content and why you formulate such and not other conclusions.

This is a principle that applies especially to industries related to human safety and health.

Write clearly

The structure of the article increases clarity, but so does the text itself. The larger the target audience, the simpler the vocabulary you should use.

What’s more, when writing, it is worth using bulleted lists and other forms that will break text blocks, thus increasing the readability and attractiveness of the text.

Take care of the quality of information

The most important point relates to information – it is ultimately what determines the effectiveness of an article. Particular attention should be paid to this issue, as one wrong text can invalidate dozens of correct conclusions.

What does the phrase “quality of information” mean? These are items that are used in the bibliography. The best source is scientific research (especially meta-analyses). Avoid referring to other blogs or dubious press articles, especially when the author shows bias in formulating conclusions.

A solid article must be based on solid sources – there is no exception to this rule.


  • Quality articles are characterized by a clear structure, understandable content, as well as reliable information supported by scientific research.
  • Specialized articles bring many marketing benefits, such as positioning and sales.
  • It is therefore worth taking care of professional implementation by choosing the right copywriter.

Oluwaseun Bakare

l am a Direct Response Copywriter with over 4 years experience in writing engaging and conversion driven content. Apart from writing content for websites such as blog articles and website management, l also enjoy swimming and binging on Netflix films.

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