Text structure – what does it look like for positioning (SEO)?

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The right structure of the text significantly affects SEO results. Although it does not require a lot of work, the final visibility of the content in the search engine depends on it. Apply simple changes that will bring extraordinary benefits!

Text structure for SEO – what is it?

The primary purpose of the Google search engine is to present valuable content to users. SEO texts that are clear and organized will be better noted by the algorithms, which will gain more visibility.

The structure of the text for positioning consists of adapting the content to the requirements of the search engine in order to increase the position and increase organic traffic.

Along with this, there are also changes for the recipients – the content is more understandable, legible and organized. Thanks to this, the interest of users increases, which increases the average time spent on the website and can additionally support the positioning process.

Creating a structure for SEO is an intermediate stage in the implementation of content:

  1. An idea for an article
  2. Keyword analysis
  3. Planning the structure of the text
  4. Writing texts
  5. Content optimization for positioning

After the initial concept and selection of key phrases, we start creating an outline, where we define the hierarchy of headings, table of contents, the use of quotes, highlights, etc. Its purpose is to “let the air in” and avoid long text blocks, giving the content a clear form.

Of course, we don’t have to learn this theory by heart. It only shows that we take care of the correct SEO structure already during planning and writing, so that later it is easier to carry out further modifications. As a result, we do not increase the time spent working on the text, on the contrary – we develop a methodology that enables the smooth creation of perfectly optimized content.

The correct content structure for positioning

We distinguish few ready-made copywriting rules for SEO. The competition is primarily high-quality content, not just clever tricks. Therefore, we recognize that an interesting, transparent and useful article is the final result of our efforts, and the following tips are … only tips.

  1. At the outset, take care of which issues are important and require development. Based on this, arrange a hierarchy of headings that will organize the structure and make it easier for users to find information.
  2. Introduction, development and conclusion apply not only in school. Each of these fragments is characterized by a specific content specificity. The beginning is usually general and addresses the essence of the problem (why are you writing this article? What are the benefits of reading the text?), the development presents a detailed substantive value, and the ending summarizes the information presented.
  3. Add photos and create alt text (which will be shown when the image is not displayed) to contain the key phrase and describe the image. This helps to increase the visibility of the content in Google Images.
  4. Remember that people love accolades. When writing, remember to separate the important parts from the rest of the text. Later, it will be easier to format using distinguishing treatments, e.g. by bolding important information or placing it in the so-called. “quote”.
  5. Add photos and develop an alternative text (which will be shown when the image is not displayed) so that it contains the key phrase and describes the graphics. Thanks to this, you will increase the visibility of the text in Google Images.
  6. Link internally to other pages and articles. In this way, you will make it easier for the user and robots to navigate the site.
  7. Key phrases should occupy 0.5-3% of the text in natural variations. Do not force them, but also make sure that they are in the right places in the right amount. The H2 title and headings are the perfect textbook place, but put them in regular paragraphs as well from time to time..

What else do you need to know when creating an SEO structure?

Above, we have listed the fundamental activities in creating a structure for positioning. We repeatedly emphasize that there are no ready-made rules for success in copywriting, and the tips are only used to broaden the writing horizons – the more things you keep in mind, the easier it is to refine the content. Remember that the structure of the text for SEO does not have to be constant.

It is worth observing the results and implementing regular changes to adapt articles to the requirements of users.

After finishing work, it is a good practice to send the text to friends to assess the readability and clarity of the content.

And finally, we will quote an important maxim – practice makes perfect. Each article enriches the writing workshop and shows what you need to pay attention to to make it easier, more efficient and more effective. Without regular writing, no theory will be able to help; especially in such a dynamic work as writing texts for SEO.

Toyin Emmanuel

I am a creative & seasoned writer who has an internationally recognized flair for weaving keywords to produce engaging and informative content. I believe that written and analytical skills are fundamental to a website's success and possess top-notch prowess in Search Engine Optimization(SEO), WordPress, and Google Analytics and how they apply to content creation. In addition to being a successful writer on Upwork, I also hold various certifications from respected platforms(like Udemy and Coursera) so you can be confident in working with a professional Web Content Writer and Copywriter.

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