SEO copywriting in practice – what does the implementation of this strategy look like?

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Creating positioning content is now a standard for every copywriter. Mutual communication with the positioner is extremely important to achieve the intended results. In the following article, we will present what SEO copywriting looks like in practice.

SEO copywriting in practice

Positioning with content can be divided into two stages: initial activities and regular content publication.

Initial actions

At the beginning, the positioner or web developer usually determines what SEO content is needed.

For this, he temporarily inserts the famous “Lorem ipsum” or other fillers, and after some time inserts the texts sent by the copywriter. The second option is the complete development of the strategy and content by a copywriter, and then pasting them into the CMS platform.

In practice, the initial stage depends only on the arrangements, which is why communication is key to efficiently complete the order. The way it works depends on whether the copywriter has copywriting tools to, for example, choose keywords and content guidelines. The second variable is the knowledge of the CMS, because it depends on whether the copywriter will send the texts in a file or add them directly to the website.

Initial activities are aimed at building a structure for SEO to maximize the positioning potential.

In this case, the right content for the website is only one of the key factors. Equally important is the website itself with its structure, loading speed, etc.

Regular content publishing

If the client decides to expand subpages or run a blog, the copywriter’s task is to further create positioning texts. Usually, at a later stage, SEO copywriting is limited to inserting articles and constantly developing the website.

And here the method of cooperation depends on the size and nature of the company, as well as the skills of the copywriter. An experienced writer can conduct effective on-site positioning on his own (by adding headers or internal linking), although in larger companies there are positioners who manage the SEO strategy. In such situations, mutual communication is based on sending guidelines regarding the need for specific texts and key phrases. The copywriter completes the task and then sends the content back for publication.

SEO copywriter or positioner?

You can easily guess that there is no answer to this question. Both professions perform important duties that cannot be compared with each other.

The copywriter creates substantive content that is displayed in the search engine. The positioner, in turn, acquires links that strengthen the website’s potential, enabling it to gain higher positions. Their actions are certainly synergistic and basically necessary for larger companies.


  1. In practice, SEO copywriting involves communication with the positioner or independent activities, depending on the arrangements with the company.
  2. There are no golden rules here, because cooperation is always dynamic and strictly individual.
  3. Undoubtedly, copywriting is a profession that allows you to gain valuable content, which is the main tool in the fight for positioning.

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