Facebook copywriting – what is it and what does it look like?

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Copywriting has gained important importance in social media. The ability to engage readers, as well as create sales contents, allows companies to earn additional profits on social networks. In this article, we will discuss what effective copywriting looks like on Facebook.

Social media copywriter – what does s/he do?

More and more specializations appear on the writing market, and social media is no exception. A copywriter who moves within Facebook is characterized by specific skills adapted to the users of this portal. Such a writer does not need to write exhaustive articles to sell. What does it create instead?

  • Short entries – building brand recognition, engaging recipients and increasing sales;
  • Texts for advertising campaigns – to increase conversions and minimize advertising costs;
  • Advertising slogans – being the leitmotiv of marketing; they can also be part of advertising campaigns;
  • Descriptions for the fanpage – which present the company’s offer and mission;
  • Specialized, interesting posts from the industry – implementing a business strategy using content marketing.

So we can see that a social media copywriter is designed for many tasks, and therefore can boast of incredible versatility. In addition, his additional duties often include developing a strategy that assumes storytelling or cyclical entries to increase interest among users.

Copywriting on Facebook

We have explained the basic social media activities of a copywriter, but it is still not known what exactly such content looks like. Well, texts intended for Facebook are relatively specific – they should always be characterized by an attractive form to attract and keep the attention of recipients. Too difficult vocabulary will cause ignorance, and inappropriate length – boredom.

So Facebook copywriting is:

  • Simple – understandable to all recipients
  • Attractive – interrupting the so-called banner blindness
  • Concise – users’ time is extremely valuable
  • Interesting – entries must arouse real interest
  • Direct – we direct the content directly to the recipients
  • Original – creating a characteristic style of the company

What to avoid?

  • Too much information – a fanpage is not a place to exaggerately show off your knowledge. Most users will simply ignore the post, which has a negative impact on activity and organic reach.
  • SEO structure – for obvious reasons it is not needed. We do not have to remember about the use of key phrases, thanks to which we save time and strengthen the naturalness of the text.
  • Mediocrity – we take every opportunity to distinguish content from the competition. In this case, the photo plays a very important role, but the content also has an impact on whether the user will hold their attention or feel as if they are reading another description from Wikipedia.

Copywriting for Facebook is characterized by specific rules, although the final execution is a very dynamic matter and depends on the company’s strategy. The above theory can be helpful, but experience and observation of statistics are very important to verify your actions and determine what content users actually respond to. Depending on the industry, the nature of entries can be completely different to bring profits to the company.


  • A social media copywriter who publishes Facebook posts creates attractive content that affects users. This profession is gaining popularity and there is no indication that it will play a lesser role in the future.
  • While we can reduce the writing activities on Facebook to the most important determinants, the effectiveness of the texts depends on the industry, the current situation and the actual reaction of the audience.
  • It is important to observe the statistics to determine which entries actually respond to users.

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