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There are many factors that determine whether content sells effectively. The effects are connected by a thick thread of dependence, but in some situations the greatest benefits are provided by such a simple parameter as … time! In this article, we will discuss content creation in real time marketing, thanks to which you will make better use of future opportunities.

What is real-time marketing?

This is one of those types of definitions where the name of a term has basically explained itself.

Real time marketing (RTM) is marketing activities focused on current, very popular topics (usually within a very narrow time window).

Due to the fact that a given topic is “hot”, related content is characterized by greater reach and activity, which translates into better marketing results.

Of course, the condition is the appropriate use of the time parameter, i.e. using the moment when the issue is fresh, hot, but not yet burned out by the competition – the more sensitive the topic to RTM, the faster it “runs out”. For this reason, a too late reaction drastically reduces the beneficial effects, no longer arousing such interest among recipients.

Content and real-time marketing

It might seem that time is important in RTM, not content, but remember that the effects in copywriting are not one-factor – even in such a situation.

A dull, gray entry will not get good results regardless of timing. In order to use the full potential of real-time marketing, content must be tailored to the last detail.

Therefore, remember the following tips:

  • Play on the emotions of readers – impressions are driven by strong reactions, and with it popularity, which is why top topics are usually populist, easy to understand, and the group of readers is extremely diverse and chaotic. Use the fundamental principles of B2C copywriting, because the nature of the content should be similar to it.
  • Attract attention with a distinctive introduction – the beginning of the entry must clearly refer to the topic used in RTM. Banner blindness among web surfers is growing, but a satirical slogan or controversial headline still effectively attracts attention.
  • Use your creativity – unfortunately, most urgent topics that a large group of readers live by are not suitable for academic discourses in order to gain marketing reach. Can we apply an unconventional approach to such issues? Answer is ‘yes’!


  • Real time marketing is a trend-straddling marketing strategy with lots of benefits if well executed.
  • Although there is a lot of spontaneity in it, it is worth betting on activities that give a natural “bonus” in the form of a multiplied reach.
  • You already know what the foundations of attractive content are, so all you have to do is follow trends and news!

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I am a professional content writer with specialties in web articles, blogposts, guest posts, advertisements, and SEO articles, across varieties of niches. I help brands create more awareness about their existing products and services, using top-ranking SEO contents. Asides writing, I love to cook, read novels, and care for pets.

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