Keyword search engine for copywriters – how and when to use it

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Marketing effects are only partly determined by the quality of texts. The second extremely important component of marketing effects  is shooting into the market niche, i.e. using the gap that has not yet been filled by the competition. For this purpose, a keyword search engine proves useful, as it helps unearth the most lucrative topics in a niche.

Keyword search engine – what is it?

In his work, a copywriter faces two problems: lack of inspiration and low visibility of the created content. For this reason, he will need a solution that generates the basis of the issue (key phrase) with low competitiveness (based on hard data). Our title character is coming to the rescue.

Keyword search is a tool that aggregates data, then displays the popularity and potential of phrases with related variants.


After entering the password “copywriting” (as of May 2022), we receive a set of information that usually includes:

  • Views: 18,100 queries per month
  • Competitiveness of the phrase: 38/100 based on the average link strength in top 10
  • Expected traffic for top 1: 5,000
  • Related phrases: SEO copywriting, copywriter, SEO texts, etc.

After searching for a single key phrase, the copywriter has enough information to choose the topic with the greatest potential – thus saving time and effort, and gaining a better chance of getting the desired results.

Keyword search function in copywriting

Each profession evolves, raising its requirements for people who want to stay on the labor market. It is no different with copywriting, which has long ceased to be just writing texts to order.

Customers expect the ordered content to increase sales. Therefore, planned activities and comprehensive “care” of the client’s content are necessary.

The keyword search expands the copywriter’s repertoire, allowing for more precise writing activities.

It is also worth noting that the contractor himself may benefit from this solution. Copywriting tools are a solid argument in acquiring customers and negotiating a higher rate for 1000 characters.

Search engines for key phrases for copywriting

Currently, there are several companies that aggregate data, thus enabling the correct selection of keywords.

Google Keyword Planner

We will start with a free and popular tool that cannot be missed – Google Keyword Planner.

This tool allows you to quickly generate phrases with potential, as well as display related keywords. Unfortunately, the lack of costs has its hidden price – the data is mainly intended for advertisers of the Google Ads platform, not copywriters. For this reason, there is no basic information about the competitiveness or link profile of the competition; instead, we get, for example, the anticipated cost of CPC (pay per click), which is not very interesting in terms of the fight for organic traffic.

Keyword Tool

This is another tool that does not stand out with its original name, but generates data strictly for SEO specialists and copywriters. The Keyword Tool advertises itself as a GKP replacement for people who want to increase the visibility of their website in search engines.

And indeed, after entering the keyword, you will receive a set of phrases with long tail, which is a valuable inspiration for every writer. The flavor is added by the analysis of trends and the assessment of competitiveness. Unfortunately, the price is not one of the advantages of this program – the Basic package costs $ 69 per month in an annual subscription, which can be a considerable investment for a novice copywriter.


It is basically part of the toolkit offered by Mangools. This means the possibility of integration with other offered solutions, i.e. comprehensive analysis of SERPs, link profile or tracking of positions in time. In addition, the design is pleasing to the eye, and the price is affordable even for amateur copywriters.

The cheapest package starts at $29.90 per month for an annual subscription, though KWFinder gives you access to a limited amount of analytics for free. It is difficult to find any disadvantages of this tool, especially considering the dynamic development and constant introduction of new functionalities.

Do you need to use paid keyword search engines?

However, it should be remembered that a keyword search engine does not have to be a good choice for everyone. If you are just starting out in copywriting and do not know if this profession is for you, annual subscriptions (which are usually on offer) can expose you to unnecessary expenses. This choice, like any investment, requires re-calculation of benefits and losses.

However, if you want to improve your writing skills in the era of e-marketing, a keyword search engine is certainly one of the first things to smile at.

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