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Some professions are gaining popularity while others are losing it. Creating professional content for companies definitely belongs to the first group, but what is the current situation in the copywriting industry? We will analyze what online copywriting looks like in practice.

Copywriting on the Internet – most recent dynamic development

In 2021, we saw a sharp increase in both demand and supply.

Currently, almost every company conducts promotional activities on the Internet, and the content marketing trend has resulted in a very high demand for sales content or SEO texts.

Another reason for growth is the fact that online copywriting is extremely versatile. It is a profitable strategy both for large online stores (through attractive product descriptions and category descriptions) and for small companies (e.g. thanks to increasing demand for texts for website).

Interestingly, the dynamics of the market makes the very concept of copywriting not entirely clear, as it applies to virtually all services related to professional writing. This, in turn, implies the separation of professions such as content writer or ghostwriter. This is likely a trend that will continue in the coming years.

Specialization of this noble profession in the nearest future

There are a lot of copywriters nowadays, but let’s face it – it’s hard to be an expert in everything. Companies, on the other hand, need specific skills that go beyond formulating traditional sales content. People who focus on professional, substantive content or posts in social media are already distinguished.

The very concept of copywriting is not entirely clear, because it applies to virtually all services related to professional writing.

It can therefore be assumed that in the large population of copywriters, everyone will find a place for themselves to provide high-quality personalized services according to the specific needs of companies. However, at the moment, taking into account the dynamic shaping of the market, we still have to take into account the “service chaos”, although it is an inseparable stage of development.


  • In earlier years, the copywriter prepared texts for a leaflet and also wrote persuasive content for websites. Today, the requirements are much greater and include a wide range of skills – from product descriptions, through social media posts, to SEO texts.
  • After careful observation, we can conclude that over time everyone will specialize in their field in this fast-growing industry, which will significantly affect the overall quality of published content.
  • At the moment, online copywriting is being shaped before our eyes and it is impossible to draw any timeless conclusions about this dynamic profession.

Mabel Onyeachonam

I am a professional content writer with specialties in web articles, blogposts, guest posts, advertisements, and SEO articles, across varieties of niches. I help brands create more awareness about their existing products and services, using top-ranking SEO contents. Asides writing, I love to cook, read novels, and care for pets.

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