What kind of contents should you publish on your website?

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As is widely known, one of the most important factors for a website’s high rating by Google algorithms is unique, engaging and interesting content. Machines can really assess it – simple tricks involving basic SEO adaptation or ensuring good technical condition are no longer enough. Websites exist for information and it is its good quality that leads the hierarchy of web browsers.

What type of content can you publish on your site?

First of all, unique – although this is obvious. Unfortunately, you also need to know how to put it into words or what type of presentation to choose to make it look good. It depends on several factors, including its type, topic or profile of our website. There are a number of ways to present your content – we’ll look at them below.


A very popular element, present on many websites, including ours. It fits virtually any type of website – regardless of whether you run a business (shop, restaurant, service point, etc.) or a website for your own use. You can focus on elements of your profession or broaden your perspective to related fields. Remember that original content is rated higher than information directly taken from another site, so identify the essence of your work or activity (or the thematic scope in which you feel most confident) and rely on your own conclusions, analyzes and thoughts. Quality content is more valuable than flooding your audience with information they can also find elsewhere. There is a chance that over time, you will expand your permanent, loyal audience and develop your own individual style.

Product pages

An obvious and necessary thing for every shop and service point. A clear and encouraging presentation of your offer will bring not only financial benefits, but also image benefits, as it will demonstrate high professionalism. Therefore, make sure that each subpage of this type is refined in every possible respect and contains elements of the language of benefits and CTA. Moreover, these types of websites can also serve as effective landing pages.


This is your first step to becoming an influencer, i.e. a person whose profession is, one might say, opinion-forming. Currently, all major companies use their services for marketing purposes, but to reach this level, you must first build a trusted audience. If you manage to gain reputation and recognition, the world of influence marketing may be open to you.

This is a very tempting prospect. However, you have to start somewhere. Fortunately, there are dozens of things around that can be reviewed – films, books, music albums, sports equipment, popular places in your city, the best pizzerias in the area, decorative articles, language learning materials, technological innovations, Internet portals, furniture… that’s enough just clarify your own interests and you can start writing.

An important element is to focus on a rather narrow and specific field – we do not want to cover too many topics and types of things because we will become incoherent. Additionally, it is good to create your own, distinctive criteria and stick to them regardless of the case being described. Thanks to this, we will gain clarity and credibility.

Quality content is more valuable than flooding your audience with information they can also find elsewhere.


A good type of text to put on a blog, but it will also work as stand-alone content. If you have knowledge (based on experience) about a topic, why not share it with the world? If you have an unconventional skill, you can interest many people in this way. Or maybe you have your own method or trick for doing something? Share with her! Maybe your advice will help a few people, who will then recommend your guide to a few more people… and that’s how popularity is created.

If you would like to describe the use of an item (regardless of whether it is for entertainment purposes or, for example, work), you can contact its seller or distributor to post (or link) your material on their website – a great opportunity to expand your reach.


Another related thing that everyone likes and is useful in many different contexts. Do you have extensive knowledge on a given topic? Have you used several products for the same purpose and can you say which are better? Have you tested several methods and know which are less effective? You can always put your thoughts into a list that can be useful to anyone looking for information on a given topic.

Remember to describe exactly what the list is about, highlight the most important elements and ask your recipients’ opinions at the end – maybe they have valuable tips, perhaps comments or comments? Every form of contact with readers is valuable.


We hope that the above guide will help anyone make informed and effective decisions about the type of content on their website. There are, of course, more types, but it is worth considering the ones presented above – everyone should find something for themselves.

Oluwaseun Bakare

l am a Direct Response Copywriter with over 4 years experience in writing engaging and conversion driven content. Apart from writing content for websites such as blog articles and website management, l also enjoy swimming and binging on Netflix films.

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