Writing articles for your company’s blog – is it worth it?

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As you have probably noticed, for some time now most larger companies have a blog tab on their websites. SEO specialists and marketers unanimously recommend writing blog articles as an effective method of building a brand. But isn’t this just another passing trend? How  do you write blog articles to bring real benefits? Find out all you need to know in this article.

Why write blog articles?

Maybe let’s start with the benefits mentioned above – what does this activity provide?

Writing articles for a blog is an important factor influencing the positioning of your website.

The richer the content of a website, the better Google perceives it. Additionally, through the skillful selection of key phrases, you can “catch” potential customers.


If you run an organic cosmetics store,  a quality post about ‘parabens’ can help you attract people who enter search queries like “what are parabens” or “how to check if a cream contains parabens?” into search engines

What’s more, writing blog articles also gives you a chance to get more links to your website if the content turns out to be interesting enough for readers to want to share it.

Skilful and thoughtful articles for a company’s blog is a good strategy for improving the brand’s image.

Quality contents will make you perceived as an expert by customers, and the website itself will appear more professional. However, for blog articles to bring the expected results, the content must actually be very good. Only texts that offer real value will be positively received by readers.

With the aid an interesting and valuable blog tab, you have the opportunity to build a permanent audience, increase the average time spent on the website and reach more people interested in the subject of your business.

Writing blog articles yourself – pros and cons

As you can see, writing articles for a company’s blog is an issue worth considering. You may have even considered tackling it yourself. This option has its advantages: it will save you money because you won’t have to spend money on a copywriter. You are certainly an expert in your industry, so you would make sure the content is substantive.

However, before you sit down to write, make sure you meet three essential criteria:

  • you have a light pen and love to write – this is a necessary condition. Blog articles have to be enjoyable to read, otherwise no one will be interested in them;
  • you are familiar with SEO issues – another necessary condition. Writing articles for a blog involves using a special structure for search engines. Without knowledge on this subject, there is no point in starting a blog, because it will disappear into the depths of the Internet anyway;
  • you have enough free time – this is also a necessary condition. Let’s be honest, writing is quite a time-consuming activity. You can’t create a good text in a hurry. Blog articles require preparation, selection of key phrases and checking before publication.

Outsourcing blog texts to a copywriter

Fortunately, demand creates supply. If you don’t have the time or inclination to write articles for your company’s blog yourself, you can always look for a suitable copywriter. A professional content marketing agency will guarantee you high-quality text and an SEO-friendly structure.

How to recognize a good copywriter?

First of all, research is a basic element of this work – you can’t do it without it! The best performers in this profession are able to effectively search for information on even very expert topics.

Secondly, copywriters also have their specializations: some deal primarily with legal contents, others with dietary contents, so it is worth choosing a writer who has experience in your industry.

Large copywriting agencies usually employ qualified writers, so you can easily find someone perfect for you.

How much does it cost to write blog articles?

Here we come to the only, but quite serious, disadvantage of writing blog articles by copywriters – you have to pay for them well.

This creates additional costs for your company, so it is worth considering whether the price of writing the blog articles will be higher than the profits it generates. Therefore, be careful and entrust tasks only to proven, experienced creators to be sure that you will not overpay for the whole thing.

How much does it cost to write blog articles? Fortunately, the prices for copywriting services are not excessive.

A single blog post usually costs approximately N20, 000 net.

Of course, there are also people on the market who will agree to write a text for half the price, but this does not mean high quality.

Before deciding to hire a copywriter, check the references of a given copywriter and ask him for his/her portfolio. You can always order a trial text to verify your skills using a specific example.

If you want to order valuable blog articles, check out our offer. We are a team of experienced copywriters – we will develop effective content for your website.

Lordson Okpetu

I'm many things rolled into one; I'm an ex-journalist, a content strategist, digital marketer and 'rockstar' direct response copywriter. I've written tons of copies to sell thousands of products and services across diverse industries in Nigeria. In my occasional spare time, I play chess or spend time with my family. I am the Chief Operating Officer of Content Writer, Nigeria.


Tokony Kennedy18.09.2023 4:33 PM

Writing in a passive voice is really important; most copywriters struggle with this. Any advice?

    Lordson Okpetu11.10.2023 2:54 PM

    Passive voice can indeed be a challenge for many copywriters. However, it is important to note that while passive voice has its place in certain contexts, using it excessively can make your writing less engaging and less direct.

    For example, instead of saying “The product was purchased by the customer,” opt for “The customer purchased the product.” Active voice conveys a stronger and more direct message, engages the reader, and makes your writing more compelling, all of which are crucial elements for persuasive and engaging copy.

    To improve your writing style and reduce the use of passive voice, here are a few tips:

    1. Identify the subject: In passive voice, the subject of the sentence often appears after the verb or is not expressed at all. By identifying the subject, you can rearrange the sentence to make it active.

    2. Use strong verbs: Passive voice tends to rely on weak or generic verbs. Opt for strong and specific verbs that convey action and create a more vivid image for the reader.

    3. Focus on clarity and simplicity: Passive voice can sometimes obscure the intended meaning of a sentence. Aim for clarity by using simple and direct language whenever possible.

    4. Read your writing aloud: This can help you identify any awkward or convoluted phrasing that may be a result of passive voice. Reading aloud allows you to hear how your sentences flow and whether they sound natural.

    5. Practice and revise: Breaking the habit of using passive voice takes practice. When editing your writing, pay close attention to instances of passive voice and revise them to be more active and engaging.

    Remember, the goal is not to completely eliminate passive voice from your writing, but rather to use it judiciously and purposefully. By incorporating these techniques, you can create content that is clear, engaging, and effective for your company’s blog.


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