Subpages or articles – which one is better to create?

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The more content on the page, the better – readers remember the brand, valuable traffic accumulates, and the pool of potential customers grows. However, two paths lead to the development of content – content for the blog and subpages. Which one should you choose to get more benefits? We invite you to read.

Offer subpages or blog articles?

To the general question “what to choose”, the correct answer is usually “it depends”. It is no different in this case, because both types of texts have their own specific uses.

Blog articles are used to share knowledge by developing industry topics.

Their undoubted advantage is the creation of an expert image, the ability to describe many issues, as well as gaining traffic to niche, but precise key phrases. In addition, they enable regular development of the website, which makes them a significant strength in the long run.

Offer subpages, as the name says, describe individual elements of the offer to compete for significant keywords in the industry.

In addition, they encourage sales and present services in detail, which is why they are an essential element of any extensive website. Their role in organic traffic is invaluable – although it is difficult to compete for popular phrases, success brings exceptionally rich fruits, because users are directed directly to sections related to your offer.

When to develop subpages and when to focus on blog articles?

As we mentioned, offer subpages are basically needed from the very beginning to inform customers and encourage transactions. However, their importance in the search engine grows over time, so generating a lot of traffic is not their strong point at the beginning.

Texts on the blog can quickly jump to the top positions and bring the first recipients. The ability to describe various topics allows you to use previously undeveloped phrases that are still related to the industry in which you operate. However, in the case of most issues, the effects also take time – hence the frequency of publication is important to present a large amount of content, using numerous keywords.

Texts for subpages can be done once and properly. In turn, the possibilities associated with the blog are endless, so it is worth regularly inserting professional articles.

Landing page – synthesis of articles and subpages

We haven’t touched on one hell of an effective type of content yet – the landing page. It has radically changed the image of how developing a website looks like.

Texts on a landing page are generally classified as subpages, however, they are often not visible in the offer section. They combine the advantages of articles and subpages, because they can be developed in many ways, and also direct readers directly to issues related to services.

The simplest example is cities. Are you directing your offer to the domestic market, but your registered office is in Warsaw? You don’t have to open branches in every possible village to present your services – subpages with location key phrases are enough.

Thanks to such a game, a citizen of Calabar can visit your website by entering the name of his city! What’s more, it will fall directly into the trap of sales content – the bounce rate in this case will usually be lower in relation to the blog.

It is true that the possibilities of offer subpages are limited. The offer must be transparent so that the potential customer does not get lost in the abundance of information. However, a hidden, well-designed landing page can expand the content by mentioning many valuable key phrases. This is an undoubted advantage that is worth knowing about and taking advantage of.

Articles vs. subpages in a nutshell

Time to summarize the information obtained.

Blog articles

  • They have great content development capabilities (with their help you can describe any interesting topic in the industry that bothers potential customers);
  • They can quickly generate traffic thanks to extensive key phrases (the so-called long tail);
  • They build the image of an expert, which increases trust in the eyes of recipients, and also allows them to value their services or products higher.

Unfortunately, their downside is:

  • High bounce rate (the reader often comes in to learn something and then closes the page without thinking);
  • A lot of effort put into content development (effects require a lot of content, which in turn is time-consuming).

Offer subpages

  • They not only position, but also present important information on the website, necessary in the sales process;
  • If they break high in the search results, they will start generating very valuable traffic (key phrases are the same as the services offered);
  • They are not needed in as much quantity as articles, so the financial and time outlay will be smaller.

As for the disadvantages:

  • You can create only a few of them (the offer must be transparent and understandable for readers);
  • Competing for the desired keywords is tough and takes time.

Landing page

  • They direct you directly to the sales content, presenting company services/products;
  • They achieve top positions in niche but lucrative keywords;
  • They can be expanded in many ways.

Their downsides are:

  • Much less traffic than usual offer subpages;
  • Numerous landing pages require time and work on the part of the copywriter.

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I'm many things rolled into one; I'm an ex-journalist, a content strategist, digital marketer and 'rockstar' direct response copywriter. I've written tons of copies to sell thousands of products and services across diverse industries in Nigeria. In my occasional spare time, I play chess or spend time with my family. I am the Chief Operating Officer of Content Writer, Nigeria.

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