Sponsored texts – are they really effective for ranking?

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It is common knowledge that a company’s visibility does not depend only on activities on the website. Equally important are links that increase the credibility of your website in Google’s eyes. In this article, we will analyze sponsored texts, the ideal places for placing external links generally talk about positioning using content!

What is sponsored text?

Sponsored articles are quality contents intended for publication outside the beneficiary’s website.

Their goal of sponsored texts is to obtain an external link that will increase positioning (especially of the described phrase).

The text is strictly industry-specific – both the topic and the keyword must refer to the beneficiary’s offer to bring real business benefits.


The owner of a beauty salon wants to increase the visibility of her website. Due to the high margin, she primarily cares about generating traffic from the phrase “wedding makeup”. To this end, she creates an article that discusses how to properly apply makeup before the wedding. Then, she sends an inquiry to thematic websites from the beauty industry to publish its content there and place a link from the phrase ‘wedding makeup’ in her sponsored text  to her own website. After making the payment, the owner of the thematic website completes the task and after a few weeks the owner of the beauty website observes an increase in the position of her website’s offer subpage. That’s how sponsored texts works!

How to write a sponsored text

A properly written sponsored text does not differ much from a professional blog article. It must also contain specialized information and a clear structure, and the only distinguishing features are external links and the place of publication outside the beneficiary’s website.

Therefore, the structure of a sponsored article includes:

  • Title – up to 75 characters so that it is displayed correctly by the search engine. It should be encouraging and contain a key phrase.
  • Introduction – separating the initial text is used in most CMS systems. It should briefly present the described problem.
  • Proper content – from 2,000 to 10,000 characters with spaces. It is necessary to add headings according to hierarchy, use key phrases and present valuable information to readers.

An additional element in sponsored text is, of course, a link to the landing page, which is intended to improve its visibility.

How to link in a sponsored article

The principle is relatively simple: we choose the URL of the page to which we want to link, and then we try to ensure that the anchor coincides with the positioned phrase.

To clarify, an anchor is this very short piece of text that is linked and, when clicked, takes you to the website. To use the full SEO potential, this content must match the keyword.

Therefore, in the example mentioned above, you should create an internal link to the phrase “wedding makeup”, which will naturally appear in the text. A common mistake is to link to the word “here”, which would appear in the phrase “if you would like to do wedding makeup, click here”. Sponsored text must link to key phrases and not other words.

Are sponsored texts enough for positioning?

Acquiring external links is a great way to increase the credibility of your website, improving its visibility. No one doubts that a rich link profile strengthens the website and distinguishes it from the competition.

SEO work is carried out around this activity, and sponsored articles are an excellent opportunity to make your way on the thematic portal. Remember that the strength of the link is key, so if it appears on a busy website related to your industry, you’ve hit the jackpot. Moreover, quality content is a great way to create a company’s image because it builds recognition and trust among recipients.

Unfortunately, positioning is not limited only to external linking – other factors are also important, including the age of the domain, website security, quantity and quality of content, and code structure. More specifically, there are a large number of ranking variables and we are unaware of at least some of them. SEO is an extremely complicated game, although at first glance the actions seem obvious – to meet the needs of users as best as possible.

The multitude of factors does not change the fact that sponsored texts are a reasonable, effective strategy for enriching your link profile and increasing the visibility of your website.

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