Anchor texts – what they are and how to place them properly in contents

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If you have a quality article published on your website that is generating a lot of organic website traffic, it won’t be a bad idea to transfer some of that quality traffic to some other related pages on your website that are discussing related topics. The widely know in-linking is related to the anchor text that this article will be discussing in details.

Anchor text defined

Anchor text is a clickable text within a hyperlink that provides a concise description of the linked content. It serves as a signal to search engines about the relevance and topic of the destination page.

Well-optimized anchor text can contribute to search engine optimization (SEO) efforts by helping search engines understand the context and keywords associated with the linked page.

It is important to choose anchor text that accurately reflects the content it links to, as this can enhance user experience and improve the chances of attracting organic traffic. Utilizing descriptive and relevant anchor text is not only beneficial for SEO but also assists readers in understanding the destination of a link before clicking on it, thereby improving overall website usability.


A writing service that is gaining in importance is called copywriting. and practitioners are referred to as copywriters.

When we click on the word “copywriters,” we are taken to a webpage that discusses who copywriters are, a related topic, even though the article’s actual content is more of an introduction to the copywriting profession.

By directing readers to websites on comparable topics, anchor text is an easy and efficient technique to enhance organic traffic to our website. The user clicks the anchor to go to another subpage and visit them. It might possibly be referring to a separate website entirely. Let’s look at the different sorts of anchor text before getting into how to use it properly.

Types of anchor texts

Using the URL (and links) to our website as examples, the following lists various sorts of anchors. We separate them based on the text that the link is inserted into.

  • Brand name, i.e. Content Writer, Nigeria, is the name of our website;
  • URL link – Directly inserting the complete URL code ( into the text is known as a URL link. However, from a stylistic standpoint, it is neither “elegant” nor “the right” answer;
  • Title of articles, products or services -For example read also  Content moderators – What do they do?
  • Key phrase – This has previously been explained with the example above;
  • A similar keyphrase – We can eliminate redundancy in the text by using a key phrase that is comparable to it. It must nevertheless adhere to the fundamental style standards (such as “Find out what to add to your website”);
  • Catchphrases – Catchphrases like “Buy now!” or “Click here” or “See more.” We do not advise employing links of this type because they stand out from the rest of the text and provide no specific information.

How to use anchor text

The quantity of anchor text kinds in a single article should be appropriate, as you can see from the list above. First and foremost, you should focus on the natural and stylistic consistency of the original sentences. It is advisable to link the websites that are thematically similar or that contribute a sizable amount of traffic to our website rather than trying to squeeze as many of them into one post as feasible.

It’s also worthwhile to investigate whether similar keywords haven’t already been used on your website because linking them with anchor text would seem appropriate. Additionally, it is beneficial to utilize them to refer readers to websites where we define the terminology we use when writing an essay on a certain issue.

A good anchor text should be seamlessly included into the content and should be justified.

If it satisfies these three straightforward requirements, we can place it without worrying. Keep in mind that frequently breaking grammatical and aesthetic norms in order to insert an anchor “by force” will probably not work around Google’s algorithms and could damage our website’s ranking.

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