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Are you looking for ways to develop your career without leaving home? With people like you in mind, we have researched remote professions that are constantly gaining in value. Check out our online business ideas in 2023!

An idea for your own business – what should you remember?

Opening a business involves a lot of risk. It is not known whether the business model will prove to be accurate, but fixed costs are certain. Fortunately, in the case of remote work, the office rent is eliminated, and the only basic expense is the mandatory CIT rate which is 0% for companies with gross turnover of NGN 25 million or less.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for solutions consistent with your interests, you cannot ignore the issue of earnings. They ultimately decide which business ideas we take seriously and which ones are just a way to earn extra money. Therefore, we will omit such work on the Internet as completing surveys, as they do not contribute to the sustainable development of a professional path.

Instead, we will focus on business ideas that actually thrive – and what’s more, their usefulness and overall value are expected to increase in the long run. This is the only way to present sensible remote work proposals that will allow you to stabilize your life and earn a steady income. We have included a more detailed description of each profession so that you now know which field to pursue and what further steps to take in practice.

Online business idea – suggestions

So let’s move on to discussing remote professions that are constantly gaining in popularity.


Copywriting involves writing marketing texts.

It is therefore a broad profession in which every writer will find something for themselves.

Companies need professional content to position their website well, increase conversions and present themselves properly. More and more companies choose internet marketing, where the work of a copywriter is an integral part of their activities. Therefore, the popularity of this profession is growing and the pool of clients is constantly increasing. So if you enjoy writing and dictation was your favorite form of testing, this profession may be the perfect choice!

Where to get knowledge?

The basic source of information are books about copywriting – and not only those, but also those that interest you and will help you acquire language fluency. The more extensive the vocabulary, the easier it is to formulate interesting and attractive marketing texts. Without a doubt, a good copywriter is someone who likes to read a lot.

For this reason, thematic blogs are another solution. Here, we recommend keeping up to date with news from the world of copywriting, as the Internet is definitely a fresher source of information. It contains many important articles, for example on the structure of SEO or the selection of key phrases. Regular reading on similar topics will allow you to learn the technical side of copywriting and the general principles that govern marketing content.

And the most important factor in skill development – experience. The more texts you write, the easier it will be for you to create new texts. Over time, you will learn which phrases for recipients work well, how to formulate sales messages more accurately, etc.

Let us note that this profession is developing dynamically, and one of its manifestations is the creation of new professions with a narrower scope of activity:

  • Content writing – writing specialized texts to build the image of an expert and to particularly increase positioning by presenting the highest quality information.
  • Ghostwriting – anonymous writing of texts with the authorship transferred to the client; examples include screenplays, e-books and blog articles.
  • E-commerce copywriting – developing content specifically for online stores, i.e. product and category descriptions, to encourage potential customers to make a purchase, as well as increase the website’s visibility in Google. The target client is also companies using sales platforms such as Konga and Jumia.
  • Social media copywriting – creating posts for Facebook and Instagram to engage recipients and increase the reach of the fanpage.
  • An additional way to distinguish your services is to write texts in foreign languages. More and more companies address their offers to foreign markets, which is why the demand for good written knowledge of English or German is growing.


A copywriter’s salary depends on the number of jobs available, as well as his or her rate per 1,000 characters. Professional copywriters who have regular clients and establish cooperation on very good financial terms can count on earnings of between N990,000 – N1,000,000 net.

However, in most cases, the salary ranges from between N200,000 to N600,000 and may vary significantly from month to month.


Transcribing recordings is an interesting option for people who are starting their adventure with writing and do not yet have sufficient knowledge about copywriting.

Transcription work does not require many competencies, as it involves reproducing the material (usually an interview) and then transcribing the words heard.

The advantage of this profession is working with unique information and therefore no monotony – after all, each recording is different, so you can learn many interesting things. However, there are some difficulties, such as the need for constant concentration, as well as blurry materials (requiring more time) that occur from time to time.

Where to get knowledge?

Anyone can become a transcriber, and no diplomas or special skills are required to perform the job. If you have good hearing and a pinch of patience, you can implement this business idea today!


For transcribing recordings, the usual fee is N500-N800 net per 1,000 characters with spaces. One hour of material is about 50,000 characters, so a transcriber can earn N25,000 -N40,000 net for transcribing a 1 hour recording.

However, it takes more than 1 hour to transcribe a recording of this length, you need to spend a total of about 3 hours on transcribing a 1 hour recording, spell checking and formatting. In the case of poor quality material, the time is additionally longer. Therefore, we assume that the real earnings per hour are between N10, 000 – N15,000 per hour, which, with constant availability of orders, can generate several thousands of naira of income per month.

SEO services

This business idea must undoubtedly be supported by a wide range of knowledge.

Positioning, i.e. increasing the visibility of a website in a search engine, depends on a number of factors, so competences play a major role here.

However, the effects are worth the effort – more and more companies want to appear high in Google, which is why effective SEO specialists can count on a constant increase in customers. As in other cases, the remote nature of work allows this business to be run even in the countryside, and the growing value of search engines means that the future of this profession is bright.

Where to get knowledge?

Positioning requires current knowledge due to regular updates of indexing algorithms. For this reason, you should follow entries from reputable SEO blogs.

Just like in copywriting, experience is extremely important, which will allow you to determine which methods of operation are effective. Therefore, at the beginning, when you already have the necessary theoretical background, try to cooperate with companies at a lower price to be able to experiment and expand your portfolio. If your work starts to bring repeatable results, the rest will go downhill – positioning specialists are sought after by SEO companies and larger enterprises.


SEO juniors can count on a salary of approximately N600,000 net, and their experienced colleagues earn up to four times more. Earnings therefore depend mainly on the positioner’s experience and skills.

Freelancers usually earn from N100,000 to N400,000 net for an SEO service performed for one contractor per month. In such a situation, the number of customers has a significant impact on earnings. Most settlements are subscription-based, so the income is stable compared to other professions.


So far, business ideas have been related to language skills as well as data analysis. However, if you have artistic talents, you can monetize it by providing graphic design services. How?

There are many solutions – you can design logos, infographics and websites. Even companies that have not chosen the Internet as a place for marketing activities sometimes have to place an order to create a banner, catalogue, business card or advertising leaflet. Regardless of the situation, most companies hire graphic designers, so you don’t have to worry about waning demand.

Where to get knowledge?

If you have an artistic soul, you know well how to design eye-catching graphics. However, it is worth supplementing your knowledge with technical issues related to the programs you use (e.g. Photoshop course) in order to discover unknown functionalities.

And here, without exception, experience plays an important role, which is why we recommend initially establishing cooperation at a lower price to collect customer opinions and enrich your portfolio. Such concessions will pay off in the long run when larger contractors start to approach us.


The remuneration depends on the number of developed projects, so – just like in copywriting – earnings are related to the availability and type of orders.

On average, creating a leaflet costs N30,000-50,000 net, while designing a website can cost up to several thousands of naira. Hence, the monthly salary varies significantly among graphic designers and can range from N300,000 – N1,500,000 net.

What to pay attention to when analyzing a business idea?

The above proposals are combined by the remote nature of work and the possibility of company development. Unfortunately, with these benefits come some risks.

It’s all about the big competition that will fight with you to acquire a customer. This also makes it more difficult to gain visibility on Google and more expensive advertising campaigns.

Before you start competing, research the market and determine whether you have enough resources (time and savings) to promote your own business on the Internet.

It’s a good idea to find a niche where the competition is not so strong (e.g., instead of general copywriting, focus on medical copywriting). Then the effects will appear much faster and will not require too much financial outlay. Remember that in this method, timing is important to be one of the first to respond to new customer needs – and this means that you have to show initiative and conduct a thorough market analysis instead of looking for ready-made answers. Reaching this point shows your motivation – we can only keep our fingers crossed for you!

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I'm many things rolled into one; I'm an ex-journalist, a content strategist, digital marketer and 'rockstar' direct response copywriter. I've written tons of copies to sell thousands of products and services across diverse industries in Nigeria. In my occasional spare time, I play chess or spend time with my family. I am the Chief Operating Officer of Content Writer, Nigeria.

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