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The Google search engine has become a marketing guarantor of success – it increases the company’s visibility, generates website traffic and brings valuable customers. With this, a profession has emerged that aims to maximize these outcomes: GoogleWriter. In this article, we will take a closer look at the work of writing for search engines.

GoogleWriter – profession definition

As the name suggests:

A GoogleWriter is a person who creates content tailored to the Google search engine.

It achieves the goal using key phrases, a clear structure and interesting, substantive content. The result is higher indexation of content by search engine algorithms and, consequently, the achievement of the company’s business goals.

Let’s check in more detail what GoogleWriter’s work is and what the SEO texts it creates look like.

GoogleWriting rules

The first element of effective content for positioning is the selection of keywords to precisely determine which phrases to write the text for.

Appropriate tools or “manual” evaluation of search results are used for this purpose.

After determining the key phrases, the GoogleWriter starts creating valuable content. There are no shortcuts in this aspect – the text must be of real value to the user. If it is not interesting, the time spent on the page will decrease, which Google will perfectly capture, thus reducing the indexation potential of the content.

What else to remember

While working, it is extremely important to properly add headings to give the content a structured structure and determine the valorization of keywords (more important phrases are placed in H1 and H2 headings). We cannot forget about the keywords themselves, which should appear in an appropriate concentration of 0.5-2% of the total number of words.

It is worth noting that the GoogleWriting rules are updated regularly, which affects the development of texts.


Just a few years ago, using phrases multiple times was common practice. Today, various taxonomies, long tail keywords, inflectional variations and many, many other procedures are used to increase the “naturalness” and readability of posts.

Benefits of Googlewriting posts

Although the road to achieving top positions is long and bumpy, it is worth the effort. Companies that are well visible on Google benefit from:

  • free, stable website traffic;
  • potential customers;
  • a larger number of inquiries.

Today, many companies rely on organic traffic – thanks to it, the search engine has become the strongest marketing weapon in acquiring customers.

How much does a GoogleWriter cost?

The cost of an SEO post varies depending on many factors, such as the copywriter’s competences, quality requirements, the size of the order, contract duration and scope of responsibilities (e.g inserting content on the blog, adding meta-texts, etc.).

The average price for 1,000 characters with spaces is between N3,000 – N6, 000 net for SEO content.

Assuming this conversion rate, a text with an average length of 5,000 characters with spaces will cost N15,000 – N30,00 net.

Is that a lot or a little?

It is impossible to answer this question because for one company SEO content may attract customers, but for another it will be a wasted investment. The final effects are defined by hundreds of factors (such as market demand, attractiveness of the offer, opinions about the company, competition), and Googlewriting texts are just one of them.

However, it should be noted that content marketing is still growing in strength, and specialized content is one of the most reasonable e-marketing strategies.


We hope that with the above article we have clarified the issue of contents for positioning. There is no doubt that their importance will continue to increase, so it is worth getting interested in SEO content as early as possible – or at least before the competition!

Oluniyi Akande

I'm an AI/SEO copywriter and editor. With over 6 years of professional content writing experience, I've written fresh contents, revamped existing contents, and edited lots of AI-generated contents to drive traffic and sell products across the world. When I'm not working, I love to drive, swim, and watch movies.

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