Social proof in marketing – how does it work?

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Opinions, customer comments, certificates and ratings – these are the factors that have the greatest impact on the decisions made by consumers online. Understanding the psychological mechanisms behind sales results allows you to significantly improve activities in this area. Social proof of rightness, which unconsciously guides all customers, has been used almost since the beginning of entrepreneurship. But what exactly is social proof in marketing? Find answers in this article.

What is social proof?

Social proof is a psychological effect whereby a person makes a decision under the influence of the majority of the group.

This rule applies only to people who are not convinced of their opinion. According to informational social influence, we recognize the rightness of our behavior at the moment when other people do exactly the same. The given technique of exerting influence was described by Robert Cialdini – a professor of psychology with extensive scientific achievements.

Social proof in marketing

From the beginning, social proof has aroused the interest of marketers. A large part of advertisements is built on the basis of a given psychological phenomenon. The popular brand of gum Mamba constructed the slogan “Everyone has Mamba, I have it and I” based on it. In online sales, social proof of equity is:

  • reviews and comments
  • collaboration with other companies,
  • recognizable brands offered on the website,
  • certificates obtained,
  • statistics and rankings,
  • social media.

Reviews and comments

A significant proportion of consumers first pay attention to the opinions expressed by customers.

Since the seller will present his/her product in superlatives, consumers are an objective source of knowledge. Often the number of stars evaluating a product can tip the scales and convince a potential customer to buy. Comments with a few sentences of opinion bring the greatest value. Therefore, it is worth encouraging customers to share their impressions in exchange for a discount or other benefits.

It is also a good idea to place stars next to the product. With their help, customers can share their impressions about individual aspects of the product. Asterisks may refer to factors such as:

  • price,
  • functionality,
  • quality,
  • durability.

Who trusted us?

The conducted cooperation is a permanent element of websites offering services. At the bottom of the website, it is worth placing information about the completed order for a recognizable contractor. A client considering using your services will pay special attention to your position on the market and previous recipients.

Recognizable brands on offer

This point applies to online stores that act as a distributor of third-party products. By placing the logo of a recognizable brand on your website, you will gain the trust of potential customers. Positive emotions associated with a well-known company will be immediately associated with your business. Emblems of recognizable brands are placed in most clothing stores. They can also be found on websites offering specialist industrial and construction equipment.

Certificates obtained

Certificates confirm your qualifications and the quality of the products offered on the website.

According to social proof, they make potential customers reflect (“Accessible services must be good if experts rated them positively.”). Show off your achievements and don’t be afraid to put all the information on the site.

Statistics and rankings

Despite the overriding value of product comments, most people believe and pay attention to the posted statistics. Putting impressive numbers on your webpage inspires trust of potential clients. If you are looking for materials on learning to sing, you will first choose, for example, a YouTube video with the most views possible. In the online store, you can provide information on the number of daily purchases, as well as people currently viewing the product.

A significant part of consumers make decisions in accordance with the ranking of products in a given category. An increase in sales can be influenced by the created list of goods starting with the representative of your offer.

Social media

The best proof of rightness in modern times is social media. The accumulated number of followers and likes under the photos confirm your position on the market. An additional aspect is the comments section where customers can express their opinion about the product. You can use profiles on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok for this purpose. Advertising of influencers that increase the reach of your business can also be helpful.


  • Social proof is the psychological effect by which a person makes a decision or adopts the views of the majority of the group.
  • Social proof of rightness in marketing are opinions and comments, completed cooperation, recognizable brands, certificates, statistics and rankings.
  • Social media helps in making a purchase decision. The role of social proof is played by the number of followers, comments and likes.

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