Family friendly content – what does it mean?

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Surely you must have come across the term family-friendly content, but have you ever wondered what that phrase means? Do you understand what types of content are referred to as family-friendly content? In this article, we show you all you need to know about family-friendly content!

What is family friendly content?

Family friendly is content whose target audience is a family with children.

Family-friendly contents are contents that are  suitable for each member of the family. Therefore, it is a type of service aimed at virtually “everyone” – an amusement park where you can take your grandparents, or a show that will interest both young and old.

Another aspect of the term family friendly is censorship. For obvious reasons, family friendly content must be completely devoid of eroticism, brutal violence, profanity and devoid of controversial contents.

Advantages of family friendly content

When your product is aimed at a wide audience, it will potentially attract more people.

What’s more, customers will, by definition, use your family-friendly content as a family, and as you know, a group customer generates more profits than an individual one. It is for commercial reasons that major film studios lower the age ratings of their next releases – a film that whole families will go to see will earn much more than an adult-only film because more people will be able to see it – the same relationship applies to any other service.

Family friendly content is also an important tool in building a positive image of the company.

A statistical person prefers brands that respect family values. Even a childless client will appreciate the fact that you meet various needs.

How to create good family friendly content?

A common mistake when creating family-friendly content and services is to consider only the tastes and needs of children. The trick is to make the product appealing not only to children, but also to their parents, grandparents, older siblings – after all, it’s family friendly content, not just “kids friendly”.

Therefore, an effective way to creating a great family-friendly content is to target common tastes and choose safe topics. You must remember about simplicity and accessibility – after all, your target audience is people at various levels of intellectual and physical development.

The best guide, however, will be… your own experiences. What did you always want to play with your dad when you were a kid? Which skills would you like to teach your son or daughter through play? What activity together would be the most fun for your family? What line would make everyone laugh at your aunt’s dinner? Above all, be practical.


  • Family friendly content is content targeted at families with children.
  • The advantage of using family-friendly content is that the content will reach a much larger group of readers.
  • To create good family-friendly content, the whole family needs to be considered, not just children.

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