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Content marketing is constantly growing, so no one has any doubts that a good guide can increase the number of customers. However, to achieve results, appropriate quality is necessary. Don’t worry – below we’ll discuss how to write a guide that will be effective from a marketing perspective.

What is a guide?

We all intuitively know what this is about, so we will not dwell on difficult definitions. Broadly speaking, a guide is a text containing advice. However, we can distinguish two basic forms that are present on the Internet:

  • E-books – here, the guide is treated as an extensive book containing a set of tips in a given field.
  • Blog articles – in this case, a guide is a type of entry that explains a given topic on the blog.

We will deal with the second form in detail, because we have already discussed the creation of e-books in a separate article.

How to write a guide – step by step

It’s time to discuss the most important actions that should be taken when creating a guide.

Specify your key phrases

The guide article will be published on the blog, so it will take part in the website’s positioning. Therefore, it is worth ensuring that you have accurate keywords that will help you generate more organic traffic. This will help your content reach a larger audience. For this purpose, you can use analytical tools or perform the analysis on your own.

Come up with an attractive title

Appropriate title of the guide is another step to success – more people will read it.

The more readers, the easier it will be to achieve the established marketing goals, e.g. encouraging people to take advantage of the offer or building the image of an expert.

An idea for an article may seem elusive because, after all, creativity cannot be forced. Nothing could be further from the truth – here we can also use the help of tools such as AnswerThePublic. They create various suggestions based on the keyword. So if we’ve passed step one, coming up with a title will be much easier!

Make sure you have an encouraging introduction

The first sentences are crucial to attract readers to read the guide.

They should be arranged in such a way that they outline the text but do not provide any answers. In short, they must sow doubt in order to leave readers wanting to be informed. This is a basic psychological trick, often used on popular news websites.

By the way, we would like to add that it is also worth including a key phrase in the introduction, as this practice may have a beneficial effect on positioning.

Write concisely

Modern audiences do not suffer from a shortage of information, but from an excess of information. For this reason, a concise, high-quality form is important. This requirement is further enhanced by the nature of the guide, which is primarily intended to present specific tips. Therefore, extensive literary forms are not recommended here.

The length of the guide is also partly dictated by the industry. Specialized professions, such as medicine or law, require that almost every sentence be factual and supported by external sources. In turn, fashion or marketing topics offer much more space for additional author’s thoughts.

Organize information using headings

A clear structure is crucial for both reader comfort and optimal SEO results. To achieve it, you need to add headings that will arrange the content according to a specific hierarchy. This way, it will be easier to follow the principle of writing text “from general to specific”, and recipients will find the desired information faster.

Add a summary

When planning how to write a good guide, putting all your conclusions together is a great idea to increase its quality. Such a move will facilitate memory among readers, will serve as a summary of the text, and will also be an opportunity to include additional keywords.

An FAQ, i.e. a set of questions and answers, can fulfill the same function. Moreover, this element allows you to use long tail keywords, which will further improve the visibility of the guide in the search engine.

Perform SEO optimization

A guide will not be effective in terms of marketing if no one reads it.

Creating a good guide costs a lot of time and energy, so it is worth paying special attention to ensuring that it reaches the intended readers. SEO text optimization will help us with this, including:


  • A professional guide can generate many business benefits, such as positioning or image improvement.
  • This type of content can be used both in blog articles, books and e-books.
  • In addition to concise, valuable content, you should also take care of such elements as a catchy title, an attractive introduction, headlines, and SEO optimization. Meeting these conditions will affect the marketing potential of the guide.
  • You already know how to write a guide – all that’s left is to get down to business!

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