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Writing an advertisement is about creating a simple form and an extremely complex essence. The work seems simple, but it is rarely effective. What it depends on? How to write an ad that really increase sales in your company? You will learn about all these and more in the guide below!

How to write an ad that converts?

The analysis of consumer needs and the development of marketing techniques is one of the most dynamic fields of the 20th century.

Each year brings new changes – both in marketing solutions and in customer preferences. We get to know more and more about how to write an advertisement until finally we can now successfully list scientifically proven features that attract customers.

First, we need to answer a basic question: what is the marketing goal of advertising?

Its purpose will mainly determine the specificity of the content, so let’s check what we can achieve with individual creations.

Building brand recognition

This is a prime goal in a Facebook campaign (along with ‘Reach’) because it allows you to reach a large audience at a low cost. This stage of advertising is characterized by low sales conversion, but this is not its main goal – the fundamental task is to “enter the recipients’ heads” in order to then display more precise creations. Users who associate with your company are more likely to turn into customers (especially in the B2B industry).

Advertising copy must be concise, creative and attention-grabbing. The larger the audience, the simpler the structure of the message.

  • Do not present your entire offer and stories about the company.
  • Focus on a concise message that will be remembered by the recipients.

A good solution may be a short advertising slogan that accurately describes your company and is at the same time catchy and unconventional.


Let’s move to the other end – to activities that are simply intended to increase sales. You already have a group of prospects who associate your company. It’s time to convince them to take advantage of your offer!

A very important element at this stage is to show the benefits of the purchase. Prospects must be informed simply and clearly why it is worth spending money on your service or product.

  • Don’t focus on what you have.
  • Focus on what you can give.

Information about benefits has the greatest impact on the purchase decision. Don’t charm your audience with over-the-top creations or brag about why your company is better than the competition. Simply visualize the change your customers will experience after purchasing your product or service.

Let’s analyze practical conversion-oriented advertising.


You run a company that deals with car cosmetics. You have reached a group of interested people and you want to show them a sales creation.

How to write an advertisement to make it effective? Remember that you have limited space and you need to provide compelling information. Choose from two options:

  • Write about modern equipment, new brushes and cloths, low prices and short delivery time.
  • Let us know about the fresh, oceanic scent your car will have after washing. All you need to do is park the car for a few minutes and it’s ready!

You are not the only one on the market – potential customers are constantly bombarded with advertisements. Among them, information about the company’s new vacuum cleaner will not impress him. But by formulating the message in the second way, you influence his imagination, which concerns HIS good, not YOURS. A pleasant smell in the car will create a greater desire to buy discounts and the latest wipes in your workshop.


  • Creating effective advertising is not easy. You will not find any ready-made solution on a clay board – demand is dynamic and it is the needs of consumers that will determine the final effectiveness of your ad.
  • For this reason, it is worth influencing your prospective customers by informing them about the benefits and changes that will occur after using your offer.
  • How to write an effective advertisement depends not only on the marketing goal, but also on the specific nature of your company and its customers. Many factors must be taken into account and scientifically proven methods must be applied.
  • This means that writing advertisements avoids well-trodden paths and moves towards reasonable improvisation that takes into account the dynamic needs of consumers and responds to changes.

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