Writing articles for websites – 5 most important rules to observe

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Creating content generates many business benefits, such as building an expert image, increasing positioning and sales. So it’s worth doing it right – we present 5 rules for writing articles for websites.

Writing articles for websites – rules

The guidelines below are intended to ensure that the text effectively achieves its marketing goals. Therefore, we consider an exemplary article to be one that brings real results to the company. Obtaining results requires meeting a number of conditions, so let’s list the most important of them without further delay.


This is the first and probably the most important condition for writing articles for websites.

Useful information is the basis for acquiring readers and creating a professional brand image.

In this aspect, the copywriter must pay attention to:

  • research before starting work
  • logical and coherent message transmission
  • credibility of the sources used (bibliography)

The substantive value is important for another reason – interesting articles engage readers, which means that they pass the materials on. This way, the website can gain additional free traffic, which translates into a larger number of potential customers.


What matters is not only the information itself, but also the way it is conveyed. For this reason, a copywriter should write clearly, paying attention to two issues:

  • Explaining difficult things in simple words – excessive use of complex terms does not build an expert image, on the contrary, it reduces readability and discourages reading. It is worth writing in an accessible way, supporting your arguments with practical examples, and if you use professional words, include additional explanations. However, it is not about writing to a child, oversimplifying the facts; rather, the key is to tailor the message to the target audience.
  • Consistent thought – simple vocabulary should be supported by clear implications, i.e. presenting the message in such a way that one piece of information follows from the other. Only in this way will the reader build a coherent worldview, thus recognizing the high quality of the text. A professional article is more of a story than a presentation of dry, disconnected statements.

To sum up, transparency is influenced by the adequacy of the nomenclature used (industry vocabulary) and the copywriter’s intellectual operations (i.e. formulating coherent and accurate conclusions based on research).

SEO structure

Another important element of writing articles for online portals is following the principles of SEO copywriting, i.e. building the text in accordance with the requirements of search engines. Please remember:

  • adding headings – that is, arranging information in accordance with the established hierarchy. Heading H2 refers to the information contained in the title (H1), while H3 is a more detailed discussion of the issues presented in H2, etc.
  • keywords – i.e. adding phrases for which the article is to be positioned. What is important is the intensity of keywords (every 50-200 words) and adding them to important places (title, introduction, headings, highlighted fragments, etc.).


We now know what to pay attention to when writing articles for websites. So it’s time to discuss the steps that should be taken immediately after writing the texts. The content itself is just a foundation that needs to be decorated properly. To do this:

  • add a photo to the article – to do this, just download the graphics from available online libraries.
  • formulate alternative text – that is, assign content to the graphic that will be displayed in the event of an incorrectly loaded photo (we recommend including a key phrase in it to take advantage of positioning in the Google Images sector).
  • perform internal linking – adding links to other articles that will refer the reader to a more comprehensive treatment of related topics.
  • complete the meta-title and meta-description – and thus ensure the appearance of the article in the search results. Meta-texts are displayed in Google after the user enters the phrase; Therefore, it is worth encouraging them to visit the website.
  • add tags and assign the article to a category – if the page layout allows it, it is a good idea to increase the visibility of the text on the blog page by specifying the appropriate place of the article. Some readers click on interesting categories and tags, so it’s worth taking advantage of this!


The last important pillar we will discuss today concerns the never-ending process of updating texts. Sooner or later, each article requires refreshing information to maintain its substantive value.

There is a reason why updating content is an important element of SEO. Google’s algorithms know perfectly well that the world is moving forward and that old information is losing its importance. The thing is that the term ‘old texts’ refer not only to medieval books, but even to two-year-old articles from the technology industry. So, to maintain constant results, you cannot forget about regular updates. Regardless of the topic, it is worth reviewing your blog at least every 12 months.

Let us emphasize that copywriting itself is changing, and each year brings new concepts and techniques that are worth using in your marketing. Therefore, if a given industry is fortunately not affected by information becoming outdated, it is worth revising the published articles in terms of the prevailing writing standards.


  • Writing articles for websites brings many benefits, but the requirement is to follow the guidelines that affect the high quality of the content.
  • We discussed the basic ones: substantive value, linguistic clarity, SEO structure, optimization and updating.
  • Undoubtedly, however, professional articles are the result of many activities, and the principles presented can only constitute their foundation.
  • Taking into account the customer’s needs and creativity are these elusive features that cannot be confined within the rigid framework of writing theory, although we know that they are equally important in generating business results.

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