What marketing activities should you hire a copywriter for?

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In many areas of advertising, it is the text that plays the first fiddle, and in many others it is the neat combination with graphics or high-quality photos that determines success. We still believe in the written word, and despite periodically complaining about the decline in reading levels, most of us read a lot –  not books – but content posted on the Internet. So let’s look at what marketing activities to hire a copywriter for and whether it makes more sense to invest in quality or quantity.

Why hire a copywriter?

Anyone can write, but with unknown results. If your text is to support website positioning, sell or direct people to your website, it will be better to entrust the topic to a specialist. Depending on the specialization, he will get as much from the topic as possible in relation to a given goal. The basic tasks assigned to a copywriter include:

The scope of a copywriter’s duties also includes texts for social media channels, as well as – although less and less often – texts for leaflets and other printed materials.

It is worth remembering that each of the above-mentioned texts can fulfill specific roles. For example, if a blog text is written in the spirit of affiliation and is intended to encourage someone to buy a product or service, it must be constructed differently than a text whose task is to attract users to the website thanks to organic search. Sales and SEO are two separate issues – sometimes they overlap, but not always. Only the best can reconcile them.

Other tasks for a copywriter

One of the lesser-known tasks of copywriters is creating content for SEM advertising. As part of these duties, we will require the copywriter to write specific and “quick” texts for display advertising, as well as headlines and ad content used in Google Ads text advertising (e.g. ads appearing above organic search results).

A good text will be of paramount importance here – the better it is and the more tailored it is to services or products, the potentially better the advertising budget will be used.

Of course, it also depends on other factors. Dozens of ongoing campaigns already provide good insight into what works and what doesn’t necessarily work.

What do we pay a copywriter for?

As a client, you may believe that a copywriter simply sits down and prepares the text, and that thanks to his experience, writing on various topics comes easily and pleasantly. This false impression is the reason why many companies do not properly value the work of a copywriter.

The reason for the pauperization of this skill is people who lower prices for 1,000 characters just to get an order. In the long term, unfortunately, they harm themselves (because at low rates no one will ensure or maintain high quality), as well as the entire industry.

In fact, a good copywriter will first ask you for a short brief to properly address your needs. When ordering a text, please specify:

  • place of publication
  • purpose of publication
  • topic
  • size
  • budget

Then the copywriter does research, educates himself on the topic, checks interesting key phrases that can additionally accompany and bring results.

The better the copywriter is, the greater the chance that he uses analytical tools that indicate the architecture of texts ranking for a given phrase, the difficulty of a keyword, etc. This is useful information when writing texts – you can then create content that will be optimal in terms of phrases and length for search engines for a given query.

A copywriter should also know the rules of style and spelling. The better the copy, the more of the above things it will have.

Olayinka Oni

I am a versatile content writer and copywriter with over 3 years of intense work experience. In addition to writing marketing copies, website contents, articles, blogposts, UI/UX contents, product descriptions, social media contents, and landing pages, I'm also skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), digital marketing, and business development.

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